The Miracles of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil used to be thought of as a source of unsaturated fats. But now, study shows that coconut oil is a good source of healthy fats and has remarkable healing properties.
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Commercial based products derived from this magic oil are ranging from hair care to baby essentials and have hit grocery shelves.

Why not skip the shelves and make your own coconut oil beauty products from scratch.

1.     Body Lotion- You can apply it as it is or add a few drops of essential oil to add aroma.
2.     Hair gloss- With a few drops of your favourite essential oil, apply it on wet hair then style as you wish.
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3.     Facial Moisturizer- Apply sparingly on face for plump, younger looking skin.
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4.     Lip Balm/chapstick- Get rid of the cracks by applying a drop of it on your lips.
5.     Aftershave- After shaving, coconut oil heals the skin and it doesn’t clog pores.
6.     Hair Conditioner- Massage coconut oil in hair and leave it an hour or so to get that shiny, smooth hair cuticle you’ve always wanted.
7.     Make-up Remover
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8.     Shaving Cream
9.     Sunburn Treatment
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11.Stretch mark cream
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12.Body scrub- mix coconut oil and sugar. Add your favourite essential oil for added fragrance.
13.For healing scrapes and cuts and bug bites- Coconut oil mixed with your favourite essential oil makes a great insect repellent and a cure for pesky bug bites.
14.Massage oil- Are you yearning for that great tropical massage? You can get it at home by using coconut oil and some essential oils.
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15.Remineralizing toothpaste- You can get the homemade recipe here.
16.Facial scrub- Make homemade facial scrub by mixing coconut oil with baking soda.
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17.Eye cream- Apply a little amount just above the eyelids and pat some over the eye bags.
18.A remedy for cold sore- Mix it with oregano oil and apply.


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