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Exercise for Kids: 4 Reasons Why Juniors Should Exercise!

Children nowadays are either glued to their computers the whole day or busy playing their Wiis and PSPs. We all know that exercise is good for the older, heftier people but it is also important in our kids' lives as well. Try explaining to them the importance of exercise and playing outdoors with these five points:

Exercise for Kids: 1. Healthier body, happier heart. When we exercise, we breathe heavier and faster making our heart pumps enough oxygenated blood, which is called Haemoglobin to all parts of the body. The more we exercise, the stronger our heart gets. Activities that strengthen the heart muscles include swimming, running, hiking, biking and playing games like basketball, baseball and badminton. Try these activities with the little ones for added fun.

Exercise for Kids: 2. "Say it with me... ENDORPHINS". Doing the activities stated above also provides the children with a happier disposition because of the ENDORPHINS that the brain releases while exercising. The e…