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Long Distance Love, Can You Handle It?

Loving someone is very easy, it’s staying in love with them that’s so hard, especially when they are very far. It really gets harder everyday but you just have to remind yourself all the time that something that’s worth it will never be easy.
Does anybody know how to make a long distance relationship work? I think nobody, because every love is different from the other, no person is the same. I’ve read a lot of tips and visited a lot of long distance love websites but still here I am, asking myself if waiting for that special is really worth it?
It is not helping that I am such a jealous person. It’s hard to go on day by day and think about what the other person does or where is he at the moment, one thing you can do, and probably the only thing you can do is TRUST that person. It is a daily battle for me to trust him completely, but love really makes you do the theings you think you cannot do.
Having someone you love live very far from you is definitely one of the hardest things in l…

The Right Kind of Love

The key to a lasting relationship is not looking for the right person, it is staying in love with the person you found. Yes, the person you're with now is a potential husband or wife, you are with them for a reason. Failed relationships are sometimes the result when one or both partner aren't contented with the person they already found. They are always looking for more and more and sometimes, they end up with something less or maybe more but they are not happy.
I have been in this kind of relationship and we didn't date for long. Well, thank God we didn't last or I wouldn't know or be with the best person I could be the happiest in my whole life. If it never happened to me, I wouldn't learn how to appreciate the person I am with now.
It's always sad to see couples break up the relationship because they are not contented. I mean they are happy but still they want more.See, that's the problem of prolly every human being, we always want more. When we get…

The Lemonberry Dreamer

I have always made a new blog every month or so because I get tired of blogging on the same topic everyday so now I am going to make this a life blog so I can post about food, fashion, travels and everything under the sun :)
I will make this my permanent blog (hopefully) so I can always have something to shower my thoughts :)
Won't make this a long one as this is the first post lol
See ya next time berries! :)