Oh! Glorious Braids: tutorials from around the web (pt. 1)

Braids were a big thing last year. Celebrities were rocking it at premiers and red carpet events. And, let's not forget Katniss’ (a.k.a.  J. Law) warrior braids in the Hunger Games. We can still rock the braids especially in this time of year when everybody gets so mushy-gushy. And we think that braided hair is the most romantic look of all.

So, we have rounded up our favorite braid tutorials from around the web-sphere and decided to share it with our readers. This list ranges from bohemian-chic to fiery, fierce. 

Go ahead, and exercise those pretty, little fingers of yours and brace yourself for the “braid of a lifetime”  (get it, ride of a lifetime – sorry, braid joke).

1.The Katniss Braid

We found this tutorial during the Hunger Games hype and we love it. Be Katniss for a day and try this out.

This is perfect for all hair types but it would be more charming on a brownish, coffee hair hue like Katniss’. 

Click on the image to see how it’s done.


2.The Boho Braid

This braid screams “i-don’t-care-if-it’s-messy-coz-I-did-it-all-by-myself” look. Get the instructions here.


3.The Romantic Side Braid

This is perfect for our ladies with very fine hair because it gives them the thick, “Princess Jasmine” hair look.

Sweep it to the side and say “whaaaaat”. 

Click on the image for the tutorial.


4.Lace Braids

These braids are simple and sweet perfect for little girls. Get the tutorial here.

Crossover Dutch Braid 

5.Butterfly Braid Tutorial

This braid is quite hard to follow. But, once you see the butterfly, it's worth the effort. If you want to try it, give yourself a pat on the back for us and please do tell us through commenting below.

Click on the image and give it a try.


6.Romantic Twist Braid

Twist braid hair tutorial

This style works for hair with two or more shades. Pretty for the blonde with highlights.

7.Inside Out One-Sided Braid

If you’re tired of your bangs or you’re in that awkward growing-it-out phase, why not wear them like this.

8.Milkmaid Braid

Whenever I see this braid I can’t help but belt out the line, “the hills are alive with the sound of music…”

But it’s still cute so why not give it a go.http://aloveaffairwithfashion.blogspot.com/2013/06/milkmaid-braid-tutorial.html

9.Braid Wrapped Bun Updo

This braid is a sexy spiral of strands and we like it.

Braid Wrapped Bun Hair Tutorial by Measured by the Heart 

*All images are not owned by this blog, no infringement intended.


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