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Playing purble place and munching on red grapes while waiting for my Brother. Internet is soooooo slow! smh

My Kind of Fun

This is one of the best holidays!! The Originals and snacking on Malunggay Pesto and Cassava Chips :)

Red Mango

Green tea yogurt with strawberry, blueberry and sliced almonds! What a treat! 
Red Mango in Greenbelt 3 :)

Blogger? Wordpress? Or What?

So I was thinking of what is the best platform out there especially for newbies like me. I couldn't choose between Blogger and Wordpress but so far, the first one is on the lead.
What I love about Blogger is the fact that it's free. And let's face it, we all need money and monetization in Blogger is easy because of Google Adsense. Well maybe not that easy as you need to apply for it and if you get lucky, your application will be approved. While I don't just blog to earn money, though I'm not complaining that I'm getting paid to maintain other blogs, I'm more of a passionate writer and not just writing for the sake of writing.
I've been working as a Freelance Writer and I have managed  a lot of website for almost 3 years and I guess it's time to build my own. But the only problem is, I don't know where to start. Should I make a new website or continue blogging in this blog? I really need help in this! So for those of you who can healp me, please…

New Year in Manila!

Finally I'm back! After weeks of incognito I am finally back to blogging! haha I am currently at the airport as I'm typing this, waiting for my flight. My sister's and brother's fambam had earlier flights and I'm the last one to arrive.
This isn't the first time for me to celebrate New Year's in Manila ever since my brother moved there, it is now an option to travel there especially this year where the sister in law is carrying their first baby! hehe
I will be hitting two birds in one stone in this trip as I will also apply to my first ever Schengen Visa! Yep! I have finally gathered all the courage to apply in Embassy of Norway to finally fulfill my dream Europe travel! I have all my papers except for the flight reservation as it is only valid for a day so I need to get it the day before my interview!
Wish me luck on January 6 as I enter the Embassy and make my dreams come true!!! Woohoo! I sure know God will be with me (positive vibes!)
Will surely updat…

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off...PERMANENTLY!

There have been a lot of weight loss techniques circulating in beauty and health centered magazines, shows and websites. You’ve heard health and figure conscious people lose weight through different diets and fruit/vegetable cleanses. It turns out that whatever diet you’re in or how many cleanse juices you take, everything will be a waste if you gain every pound you’ve lost. Here are tips that will help you lose the excess pounds and shed them off permanently.
Tips To Lose Weight: Start your day with a breakfast fit for a King... or Queen. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because this meal breaks the fasting you’ve been doing while you were sleeping. Eating a heavy meal in the morning keeps you from over-eating come lunch and dinner.
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Tips To Lose Weight: Stop skipping meals and satisfy that crave. Whenever you feel hungry, take a bite to eat and I mean literally. Just a simple slice of fruit or a piece of high protein cracker is enough to stop the craving wit…