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"How to Get a Dancer's Body" From the Theater's Stars

I’ve recently been a fan of Broadway musicals that feature dance. 1975’s A Chorus Line, 1975 and 1996’s Chicago, which I both adore, 1986 Broadway revival of Sweet Charity and other on-stage productions with killer dance routines fill my Youtube account. When I watch a video of Bebe Neuwirth and Ann Reinking doing “Nowadays”, I’ll be hooked on it throughout the evening.
I’m not only amazed with the complex dance moves, frivolous costumes and colourful vocal prose these musicals have. What I most admire about is how the dancers look and how fit they are to be sashaying in different directions with Fosse hands and not skip a beat.
Every dancer has his/her own tips on looking good and being fit. So, here is a short list on how to get a dancer’s body straight from the theater's stars.

10 Skin Care Tips You Need To Know

1. When your face looks splotchy, drink a glass of ice cold water. The cold temperature makes the blood vessels constricted and soothes facial redness.