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Beauty Tips of The Week: Coconut Oil For Dry Skin

If you have been searching on how you can use coconut for dry skin, you've come to the right place! Here are amazing uses of coconut oil from all over the beautysphere:
For dry hands: "This won't work for dry digits when you're on the go, but at home, coconut oil can work wonders on your dishwashing-parched hands. "I keep a jar of organic extra virgin coconut oil by the kitchen sink and put a little on after washing my hands to keep them soft and moist," says Low Dog. And if you cook with coconut oil—you can sub it for butter in baking recipes because it’s solid at room temperature—scoop out a little extra for your hands, too. "Whenever I cook with coconut oil, I make sure to moisturize my hands with it too," says Katrine van Wyk, a holistic health and nutrition coach based in New York."

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For softer skin:"Skin softener: Most of us use several creams and lotions for softening our skin, especially the skin of the fa…