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8 Ways to Recycle an Old T-Shirt

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Turn it into a tank top.You can turn your old t-shirt into a chic tank top with this easy instructional found here. If summer’s just around the corner and the heat’s rising up, it is the perfect time for this craft. Not only that, it looks cut, too!

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Turn it into a rug. Whether you want to tie together your living room’s decor or just get rid that ancient t-shirt in your closet, this rug is absolutely adorable. You can even combine different t-shirts to give the rug that extra pop of color. You can find the instructional here.

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Turn it into a pillow. Maybe your old t-shirt has a particularly cute pattern, or maybe you’re missing a bit of plush on your bedspread. In either case, this t-shirt to pillowcase craft is perfect for you. The shirt’s material is super comfy and makes for an excellent pillow. The instructional can be found here.

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Turn it into bangle bracelets. Nowadays, you will see bangle bracelets all over the high fashion arena. Ins…

Why Giving Up Is Perfectly Fine To Be Happy

Life is supposed to be wonderfully live. In order to have a fulfilling journey in this marvellous world, we have to be
happy. Happiness is a state of contentment and it is more of a choice rather than a product of circumstance.
But what's stopping us from being completely happy? Below are 8 reasons that we should give up so we can say
that we are living a happy life.
1. Give up complaining. To complain is to express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or event. While it is not a crime to
complain, too much of it will make you an ungrateful person. You have to give up complaining especially on little
misfortunes. The world you live in is not perfect and many unlikely things will happen to you. However, if you
keep on complaining and portray a negative reaction to bad situations, you are just making the load even heavier.
You have to develop an attitude of gratefulness. When life throws stone at you, throw back bread instead. This may
sound so cliche but very applica…

6 DIY Tips for the Perfect Garden

A garden is your own personal piece of nature for you to cultivate and help “blossom”. If you have always wanted the perfect garden but aren’t sure where to start, check out the list below of fun and easy garden additions with a tasteful twist.

A hammock to nap the day away. Hammocks are the epitome of tranquility. By adding one to your garden, you will establish to any guests that it is a place of comfort and rest. An easy hammock instructional can be found here.
Source A miniature fairy garden for a magical aura. “Fairy” gardens, though easy to make, look almost as if they were really made by tiny people. Perhaps you will invite some in by creating one of your own? Instructions for this lovely craft can be found here.
Source A couch made of wood pallets for a rustic garden. Garden furniture can be very, very expensive, and difficult to find in the appropriate style. Instead of going from store to store to find the “perfect” set of furniture, try making your garden couch out of wood pal…

7 Habits You Need to Stop RIGHT NOW!

Eating when you aren’t hungry. It’s normal these days to get home from whatever you’ve been doing
all day only to sit on the couch and eat a bowl of chips. Not that there is anything wrong with that of
course, unless it becomes a habit. Remember that food is for sustenance, not for entertainment!
Only eat when you are hungry.
Not using sunscreen when you spent a lot of time outdoors. Most people don’t consider it
that important to wear sunscreen when they are outside, but they should. Extensive sun exposure
damages the skin’s elastic fibers, making the skin less firm and more prone to wrinkles, blotches,
and discolorations. Not only that, but excessive sunburns contribute to skin cancers.
Skipping breakfast. As the popular saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
The body is at the peak point of digestion. If you eat a big breakfast, a medium lunch, and a small dinner,
you will actually end up eating less and snacking less than if you didn’t eat b…