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8 Fashion Must-Haves For The Cold Weather!

In the midst of this cold weather, a girl can still look good with these fashionable items. You can mix and match the items and remember to balance the looseness of your top with something form-fitting to avoid looking boxy.

1. Poncho Sweater

DIY: Hair Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair

Do you easily get hair breakage? Is your hair coarse and lacks moisture? Chemicals and natural factors such as heat, wet and wind cause dry, damaged hair. Everyday shampooing also strips the hair and scalp from its shine and natural oils. However, don’t fret because we just might have the solution. Here is a do-it-yourself, natural hair mask that will add moisture and shine to your dreary locks.

Weird Beauty Regimens from Around the World!

Our ancestors must have been pretty vain and self-conscious to do things we would normally think are weird and gross just to get the look they desire. 
Check out this list of beauty tips from the past and see if you’ve heard any of them from your great, great grandma.

1. Crocodile poo and mud spa

To have beautiful, younger looking skin, people from ancient Rome and Greece would dip in warm mud and crocodile excrement.

Our "Best Face" Nominees in the 20th SAG Awards

We did our own “Best Dressed” nominees list for the 71st Golden Globe Awards. Now, as a tribute to the recent SAG Awards, we have decided to judge the nominees of the said awards ceremony. This time it will not be based on their acting nor their garb but on what they put on their faces. So without further a due, we call this list our (drum roll please)... 

“Best Face” nominees of the 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards.Noses are powdered, cheeks are blushed, and lips are glossed with the most lustrous of colors as our chosen nominees show-up with their dazzling smiles in this year’s SAG Awards. Who do you think wins the award?

1.Lupita Nyong’o
She wears her eyes with a shimmer of sparkling blue and purple to match her flower bedazzled turquoise dress by Gucci. She goes passion pink for her lips summing up a youthful glow with these three bright palettes. The pops of color are perfect for dark skinned beauties like her.

Your Skin and the Cold: Tips To Remove the Dryness and Relieve The Itch

Temperatures are dropping and so is our patience with itchy skin. While the Celsius is plummeting to almost 16⁰, our skin is drying and starting to flake. Dry skin is easily irritated hence, the cause of the dreaded itch. Specific causes include dry indoor air, chilly breeze, and low humidity.

Here are skin care tips that you can use to prevent the “winter itch” (we also call it that even though there’s obviously no winter here) and put an end to this itchy mayhem.


Get Your Mood Up With Aromatherapy!

Have you been feeling dull and tired? Want to ease up from school or work stress? Does your mind need a little decluttering? If you want to bring back the alert, more cheerful “you” then say hello to aromatherapy.

2. Inhale the aroma.

Economical Beauty: Beauty Products From Your Own Kitchen!

Stop looking for the right exfoliants, conditioners and moisturizers in the mall. Go frugal with this list of household beauty products. Who knows? Your favorite beauty product might just be around the corner of your pantry.

1.     Egg yolks as hair gloss
For shiny hair, crack an egg and separate the yolk. Add an ounce of olive oil into the yolk and mix. After shampooing, apply the egg-olive oil mixture to your hair and comb it for an even distribution. Wait for 10 minutes to let the product work its magic. Condition your hair then rinse.

The Art of Moving On: Tips on How to Move On From a Break-Up

In movies, we see the female protagonist drowning her sorrows and heartaches in a pint of her favourite chocolate ice cream while watching a romantic movie that is so far-fetched. Sounds familiar? Maybe you’ve seen the movie or maybe... YOU are that girl.
We’ve all been there – crying our hearts out and getting drunk to numb the pain. Us girls get overly dramatic when it comes to breaking-up. So whether you’re that girl in the bar who keeps ordering that shot of tequila or that one who breaks down mid-chorus of Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” amidst tears, here is a message for you: snap it up, girl!
You’re mature enough to stop sobbing like a little girl every time a relationship goes on the rocks. Sober up and straighten up because the following will help you get back on your feet and ready for a fresh start. Show that man you are better off without him.
Breakup Advice: First of all, ask the big question – “why did you break up?”
“The truth shall set you free” and indeed, it will... i…

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Beauty Secret of the Week: Baking Soda

There is more to baking soda than meets the eye. Aside from using it as a kitchen tile cleaner or an ingredient to your batter, baking soda serves as a cheap beauty product and remedy to common hygiene problems.

1.Dry Shampoo

A little baking soda goes a long way. Sprinkle a little bit of the powder on your scalp and brush/comb it through and you’ll get clean, oil-free hair in no time.

Our Best Dressed Nominees in the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards

It’s the awards season and actors and actresses are being acknowledged for their notable roles in TV and film. Strutting their stuff in the red carpet, here are our “Best Dressed” nominees for the recent Golden Globes. Who do you think wins the award?

1. Margot Robbie’s elegant, white, silk gown by Gucci is perfected with matching Green Christian Louboutins. The emerald and crystal detailing prevents this décolleté dress from being too simple which is a no-no in big red carpet events such as this.

Movie Review: “The Bling Ring (2013)”

“The Bling Ring”, directed by Sofia Coppola, is a “feast of the eyes” especially to young adults. I’m not just talking about the movie’s attractive, young cast but I am more referring to the designer shoes, clothes, bags and jewellery showcased in the swanky lifestyles of Hollywood celebrities. If you enjoyed watching MTV’s Cribs and curious if Paris Hilton’s throw pillows really do have her face on them, then you might like this.

Which Celeb Could Be Your Best Friend?

You’ve watched their movies and giggled with them in their interviews. You may even have fantasized about spending time with them and being the best of friends. Here is a list of celebrities that we think could be our potential best friends. We’ve listed them according to their personalities ranging from the sensitive, silent introvert to the fun, loud extrovert.Which celebrity would you want to be best friends with? 

1.Kristen Wiig
 To those who do not know Kristen Wiig, she is an SNL (Saturday Night Live) alumna, and co-created and co-starred in the movie “Bridesmaids (2011)”.
 She is extremely funny as she is beautiful. She dropped out of college and went straight to L.A. (without her parents knowing) to get a career in the entertainment industry. 
 A self-proclaimed introvert, Kristen is not into social media. If you’d take a picture with her, she’d politely ask you not to post it in facebook, twitter, instagram or the like.   Kristen Wiig is the perfect buddy whom you want to be compl…

MOVIE REVIEW: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Beautiful scenic shots, action-packed daydream sequences, an awesome playlist, and a protagonist whom many could relate to are some of the numerous delights “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” could offer.Directed, co-produced and starred by Ben Stiller, the movie is about the shy, well-mannered Walter Mitty and his dive into the unknown as he searches for the lost photo #25. 



Legaspi Sunday Market

Good morning! Breakfast at Legaspi Sunday Market today and yes, I love every stall!!! What I love about big cities like Manila (it’s a metro), especially Makati, is the wide variety of things you can buy and almost everything you could think of has already being thought of and well, you can buy it in stores. In the province where I live, everything is so limited, even zucchini is hard to find, there may be just two stores selling it. Here, you can actually buy things that you can just see on TV or magazines, only for a higher price.
I’m not really a big fan of metro’s but I wouldn’t mind going for a vacation. I am so opposite to my brother who loves the light and the hustling city! I couldn’t even ride a train by myself, well I can but I’m pretty sure I’ll be lost hahaha I always wait for my brother to drive me around or my sister-in-law to ride the taxi with me. I’d rather walk around than ride jeepneys or other PUV’s! On the 6th, I think I don’t have a choice but to ride a taxi to …