Teen Wolf "Echo House" Highlights (GIF, Photo style)

We've got you a recap or just the highlights of the new Teen Wolf episdoe entitled "Echo House". This time we'll let the pictures (and GIFs) speak for themselves.

(The gifs and pics/collages are personally made by the author.)

Let's start off with the sheriff taking his son to the Eichen House. Stiles thought of the idea of admitting himself to the mental institution so that he wouldn’t be able to murder anybody for the next couple of days or until the poison runs out.

Best friend Scott is totally saying “no” to this dumb idea. At this point, we totally agree with Scott. How could a place like this be the solution to their problem? But, desperate times call for desperate measures – poor Stiles.

 Back to Scott and the gang, they’re huddled up at Deaton’s office who just came off from the phone talking to Argent about a possible cure to the possession.

The scroll in the silverfinger has the answer to their Nogitsune problem.

Meanwhile, back in the mental house, Stiles sees Malia. 

Maybe being a coyote for too long led her to forget that the usual greeting is a handshake.

Then, in comes Marin Morrell the Druid Emissary/teacher/Deaton’s little sister now turned guidance counsellor for mental asylum patients to help Stiles.

Or, maybe kill him.

At this point, all Stiles is thinking right now is that he needs to be awake to not get killed.

Lydia and Allison conjures up a plan. It involves robbing an armored car that carries the Katashi evidence including the silverfinger with the scroll in it.

The plan, for them, is flawless just as long as they get the twins to stop obsessing about killing other people.

Back in Eichen, Stiles accidentally sees Malia naked but she doesn’t give a damn. 

All she cares right now is that he helps her turn back into a coyote.
Stiles agrees as long as she helps him first.

One of the guards caught Stiles in the act of trying to get into the basement.
They injected him with a sedative which renders him unconscious.

Good thing Malia was there to save him.

For the meantime, Kira shows her newfound samurai skills to Scott and persuades him to let her join their gang of misfits.

Impressed Scott says “hell, yeah”. He didn’t actually say that but his face sure shows it.

So, after some yelling, intimidation and brutal beating from the twins, they finally got the scroll from the huge werewolf dude.

Going back to Stiles and Malia, they went into the basement through God-knows-where (why haven’t she thought about this route minutes ago) and dug up some insanely creepy files.

And, they made out. I guess the files made them horny. Sorry for not making a gif of them making out (we're trying to keep it PG here.)

After that passionate 5 mins. (or more), Malia thought of something.

Then, they saw a photo. It wasn’t revealed. (What do you think it was?)

Then in comes his weird roommate and tasered them.

The Nogitsune with his sharp teeth mentally came and bargained to let him in.
After a few drilling sounds, Stiles/Nogitsune stops the guy from drilling into Malia’s head and smacks him down.

The next morning, Malia gets out of the insane house and looks for Scott.

Scott and Deaton are convinced that to help Stiles they need to turn him into a werewolf.

The end. 

Keep in touch for another GIF/photo recap of Teen Wolf episode highlights.


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