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I Believe :)

All my life I have dreamed of studying abroad, in New York, to study another language or to go to a music school. I have dreamed of conquering a small stage at a cafe singing bossa nova and acoustic songs. I have dreamed of owning the cat walk. I have dreamed of a high paying job in a very nice office. I have dreamed of travelling around the world and visiting all the nice places.
I realized, I can do this all. All I need to do is believe :) I have been listening to Joel Osteen's podcasts and I've never been so hyped about God's power in my life, only if I just believe :) i may not be where God wants me to be, but I'm getting there :) I know, because I believe :) Lord, I believe. These three words are so powerful because you are giving God the power to shower you with overflowing blessings :) 
If you read this, God is doing the same in your life, just believe, and He will give you the desires of your heart :) Thank uou Lord for all the abundant blessings that are about t…

Zombie Tsunami

This game is one of my very first downloaded games in my iPad :) My cousin played this one and she bought her iPad the next day ^_^
This is how Zombie Tsunami home page looks like :) yes, my best score are 47 brains!!! I feel like I need to eat more brains!
I don't have any trophies yet :(

Flow Free


TM Zero


Can You Escape?

Say hello to the Can You Escape welcome page! :)
This is the startup page wherein you can change the settings and select levels.
I have finished all three levels and the other levels are still coming soon. Honestly,it sucks how few the levels are. Well, it's free so I can't complain about it. Duh.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the one game my nephew can't stop playing. I don't really play much because once my nephew starts playing this, it would take a lot of time to get my iPad back :)
The loading page has tips about the game :)
Here's the start page of the game. I know, i know, there's a lot going on and we're going to inspect all of it lol ;)

Cover Orange: The Secretly Addictive Game

Say hello to cover orange, i say secretly addictive because when I tell someone about it, they'd be like, why will you protect an orange? Damn guys, it's a game, chill! Hahaha :) my sister is addicted to this too, she just won't admit it. Hahaha
These are not worlds but its like different orange environments that has levels on it. 
Yes, I'm now on level 67 and there are 71 levels in this environment :) the highger the level, the harder it is to protect the orange. I must say i've played this for more than a week. I don't want to watch a cheat or how to solve this because I always want to finish my games on my own :)

Sprinkle: Save the Sprinklies'!

Here's a cute game from Mediocre :) tadaaaaa! Introducing Sprinkle!
This is Sprinkle, I call the little guys Sprinklies, and yes, they're very cute :)
Basically, its just the same as other games with levels. You can pass each level when you stop the fire from burning the Sprinklies' houses. The drop of water shown in the level boxes are the level of water left after you save the houses.

Monsters University: Catch Archie

Say hello to Mike Wazowski! :) i watched the movie and I thought it was funny :) i've never seen monsters so adorable and cute :) 
This game reminds me of all other games that has levels, i'm on the 2nd level and yes, the resolution is good :)
And now it's loading! It shows the monsters university gate, feels like you're going i side the school :)