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Weight Watchers vs. Paleo?

I've been doing the paleo lifestyle for weeks now. I'd like to use lifestyle because I believe it's not just a diet, like all other diets. If you want to lose weight, diet will never be enough, a lifestyle change is :)
So as I was reading about Paleo, I've come across a website where they featured 30 diets and guess what, Paleo was ranked the last! I was like? Blank all over my face. I have lost a total of 10 pounds by the way by walking, running, some weights and Paleo. But Weight Watcher's was friggin' number one on the list!
I was thinking if I already lost this much weight for a weeks in Paleo that ranked 30 in the list, how much more if I tried the first one! Well, I really liked Paleo because it was just not about losing the excess weight. It was a great healthy step for me. I never had milk, though I ate cheese once in a while, I never had nuts for weeks, but I had them on cheat days, I ate rice a couple of times and really, it's hard to go Paleo al…

Paleo For Beginners: Eating Out Paleo Style!

Eating out is sometimes hard for a Paleolithic dieter because almost what is served was used to be packed, canned and processed. These people look for restaurants that provide dishes of unprocessed food items. So, if you’re on this diet, follow these tips when eating out caveman style.
Paleo For Beginners: Do your research. Before going out to eat, search for restaurants that provide paleo-friendly menu items. Being prepared will make your dining experience hassle-free.
Photo Credit Paleo For Beginners: Skip the dessert. Going Paleo means keeping your diet sugar and carbs free so, stay away from the breadbasket. When the friendly waiter offers you the dessert menu, politely say no.
Photo Credit Paleo For Beginners: Go to steakhouses. Go eat out at a steakhouse where you’re pretty sure every meal, even the side dish, are paleo-friendly. Steakhouses, aside from the obvious steaks, they also provide baked potatoes and seasoned vegetables. At steakhouses, most if not all, dishes are straight-…

Buying Auto Insurance for Dummies!

Car insurance is important but picking the right coverage can be confusing to new car owners. You need to understand all types of coverage to be able to use and save money wisely.
Liability Insurance This insurance is a requirement everywhere unless your state offers other options (e.g. posting a surety bond of a certain amount), and if you take the option, you have to purchase a liability insurance.
This covers damages to another person’s property and injuries suffered by another in a car accident. Each state authorizes own liability insurance requirements and they don’t require you to carry more than $100,000 bodily injury coverage and $25,000 property damages coverage per accident. However, on more serious accidents, that may require more money. The worth of your personal assets should reflect the amount of liability insurance you need, but experts agree you need no less than $300,000 bodily injury protection and $100,000 property damage protection.
Further Kinds of Auto Coverage After…

How To Pick a Car Insurance Company? We'll Teach You How!

Here are some seven steps to help you on picking the perfect car insurance company. Keep in mind that these are not step-by-step as you can start which ever you feel right.
Verify Company’s state licensure It is wise to visit first your state’s department of insurance to know the list of providers who are legal to sell insurance. Request a hard copy list from the office or go online on their official website.
Determine whether to buy locally or nationally Almost all local insurance agencies are branches of national chains. Although, national insurance companies like Progressive and Geico do not have local offices. It’s essential to examine each kind of provider before making the decision. Part of that is to decide if it’s okay for you not to physically meet your agent or would you rather visit the agency to get the feel of it.
Hunt and Compare Rates Do efforts to save a lot of money by looking for the cheapest rates but still the same services. But remember, price is not the most important f…

Doodle Light: New York

I was surprised I made a decent doodle in my iPad using my fingers lol it actually looks great (according to my sister lol ) I used doodlelight whichI downloaded from the app store.

Paleo Meals for Beginners :)

My green plate! Cucumber and celery salad with fresh cucumber sticks and bittermelon with chicken breast :) im not such a fun of celery, honestly lol

Cooking dinner was breezy! Spinach, mushrooms, onion and garlic and some good ol' brocolli :)

Was hoping this would taste great but I guess not all creations tastes equally as good as the other. Red bell peppers, chinese cabbage and chicken breast.. Sauteed in coconut oil..

Made my first ever spaghetti squash lol it was delicious by the way! I added tomato sauce and some chicken :)

Yummy plate today! Acai purple sweet potatoes, stir fried squash and brocolli.. I love lime juice with salt with my sweet potatoes :)

Grocery List for Paleo Diet

And my grocery of fresh veggies and all right here! :) I stocked up on sweet potatoes as it is easier to cook and it fills me up longer :) i finally bought some spinach at I might cook on lunch time lol I wasn't able to buy cauliflower because it was a bit pricey and I did not saw any beautiful cauliflowers in the market hehehe I am not so sure if Dried Mushroom is allowed in Paleo Diet though.. I love mushrooms and since I cannot have most of my favorite food, I might as well stock up on foods that i like and I'm allowed to munch on hehe

Paleo Lunch Ideas: Chinese Cabbage with Cucumbers, String Beans and Chicken :)

This is prolly one of my yummest creation hahaha this is chinese cabbage withh chicken and cucumber.. The other one has string beans in it. What makes it so special? I used Virgin Coconut Oil! :) it was my first time to use VCO in my cooking :) the food tasted so great and it has some rich flavours :) i used salt and pepper to complement the VCO's already rich taste :) 

Paleo Meals for Beginners

So here's how a typical day looks like! I've eaten a lot of raw food lately (much more than i did in my entire life) lol hahahah
First meal: Fish with Oyster Sauce and white rice and mixed veggies

This is apple juice, a bread, cucumber, lettuce and my all time fave pesto :)

This was my midnight snack. Not midnight but early morning snack. Woke up so hungry! Hahaha 2 slices of wheat bread, lettuce, cucumber and tuna :)

About Me

Trying to fit myself in 10 descriptions! :)
1. I am obsessed with writing that I could never have just one journal. I have 7 as of the moment and as if that's not enough, I have 1 new planner!

2. I'm a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, James Bond, Star Wars, Joel Osteen and Jack Daniel's. No Judging! hahaha

3. I am a big clash of clan freak. I love games. LOVE. Age of Empires, Star Craft and Counter Strike are my top 3 PC Games :)

4. I don't like pork, beef and other hard meat. I could live a vegan life without struggling! And chocolate. It's always about chocolate. Salmon, salad and garlic potatoes is a fabulous dinner plate! Fitness junk since July 2013! :)

5. I can never have enough tea. Black, green, white, chamomile and peppermint makes me a happy girl :)

6. I love lighting candles if I want to relax. French Vanilla takes me to a whole new place hahaha Music + Candles, best night ever! Add some white wine too!

7. I love glitters, sparkles and all things bright and …

Starting on Paleo Diet!

What I sent to my Paleo Coach lol: 
So I decided to start on Paleo but I always cheat on every meal! Hahaha i failed to be completely paleo today >_<  i dont have enough food to go paleo completely as i always do my grcoeries on fridays or saturdays. But i did try to eat as close to paleo as possible but i realized i have restricted food in every meal lol
So for breakfast i had some toast which is a no no to paleo lol the egg i just poached it as i dont like oily sunny side up. and then for lunch i had rice in my cucumber sushi hahaha and tonight im going to have one taco and i used albacore tuna.. Snack is banana and mandarin orange and some oatmeal i was sooooo hungry after breakfast lol and thats my lemon water :)
I hope tomorrow will be better :)
What do you think? :)

Paleo Diet: To Try or Not to Try?

My friend introduced Paleo diet to me and now my nerd self cannot stop researching lol
So I just started to read about Paleo diet, i'm going to die! Lol okae so no milk, no grains, no processed foods and oh my gosh no legumes, my peanuts! Lol
Good side about this is i dont have any problems eating vegetables and fruits. I love veggies and fruits. I don't like meat too like pork and beef and other hard meat lol chicken is fine.
I have tried no grains diet it was nice i felt so light but today i sometimes eat white rice or brown rice or corn rice and after i read about paleo diet, i can't look at rice the same way again lol hahahaha and potatoes? I love potatoes and having said that i just ate sweet potatoes for lunch today. So sweet potatoes are fine but potatoes aren't, right?
It said that if i cant give up some foods, i should try limiting until i can completely give up. Im planning to cut out some food and then eventually stop eating them. I cant believe i cant eat peanu…

Happy Sundae!

Hi guys!
My apologies for not posting soon! I'm stuck with flu and  I've been in bed resting and working. I'm in a massage parlor waiting for my turn in about half an hour and while waiting, I thought I could squeeze in a blog post :)
It's a bummer not to be able to workout because I may be even more sick if I do. I miss running, walking and lifting weights. I eat rice as well because I need more energy so I will recover faster. I felt very sick during my mom's birthday dinner that I have no trouble in saying no to the yummy birthday cake ^_^ if I wasn't sick, I would have struggled and would have a hard time resisting temptation :)
Fast forward, I skipped church and just rest in the house. Watched lots of movies and episodes of my favorite series :)
So for everyone who are sick today, let's fight to get our health back on track! Enjoy your time off like what I did, spent it to enjoy the things I love :) don't let sickness drag you down. And always thank Go…