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Make It a Lifestyle! :)

Small steps everyday will still make a difference :) a 15 minute walk is better than not walking at all. Start having small goals.. This week go for a 10 minute walk, then increase 10 minutes each week till you reach an hour. Start from walking then eventually go for a run. Don't give up. Remember, it takes weeks to make it a habit :) but don't just make it a habit, make it your lifestyle. I've been running and walking for more than a week and it has become a part of my daily activities :) i always go for a mile each day and alternate it with yoga or barre3 :)

Sweatsuits are heaven sent :)

Sweatsuits are very effective in making you sweat more. 5 minutes in treadmill and you're sweating like crazy. I used it first time today for my morning walk and run. It was amazing :) i came home soaked up! Lol. Did a little treadmill and barre today and i'm owned! I can feel my arms are starting to get sore. I need to step up my exercise because my body is getting used to no activity again after 3 days of no exercise. I'm thinking about doing some yoga tomorrow :) by the way, i bought this for 285pesos or arounf $7 to $8 :)

Run More, Live More!

The following pictures are snapshots of my daily run and walk. I always have a rest day to feed my laziness lol ;) I use Noom Walk to monitor my steps and RunKeeper for my run and walk. Noom Walk is very reliable, and it amazes me how it can track my steps, i'm not really techie and all.hahaha RunKeeper on the other hand, had failed me a few times. There are times it will stop tracking my time so I end up starting a new activity again. Bummer. 
What I love about walking and running, is you don't get enough excuses not to do it. All you really have to do is wear your shoes and get some water and you're good to go. Because I live far from the city, I need to plan on how to exercise without going to the gym. Otherwise I will spend lots of money and time in going to the city to have an hour of gym sesh.
Losing weight is not really my primary reason although it is one, like all people, I just want to be healthy :) Which led me to start walking and then I incorporated running :) I…

Healthy Lunch: Homemade Pizza Bread

My wholeheat pizza bread :) I used Tomato and Cheese Tomato Sauce :)

Toppings: Cheese Tofu White Mushrooms Onions Parsley
I was craving for pizza and I decided I'll just make my own pizza bread :) i ate this for lunch. Two of these delicous pizza bread, the other one is for my sister :)

Healthy Meal Replacement :)

Here's a snippet of my favorite Dutch Chocolate Protein Drink :) it's actually a protein packed meal replacement :) But I always drink it after I workout or at night when I don't feel like cooking dinner lol lazy butt >_<
I will post more of my healthy meals right here :) Btw, this protein drink is from USANA :) there are two other flavors, French Vanilla and Strawberry. I've tried French Vanilla and at first I didn't like it but it tasted better after a few gulps lol
Sometimes I drink this with my side meal of fruits and veggies :)

To travel the world...

As a child, I grew up with my dad always on the go. Sometimes my mom goes with him too. Days, weeks or even a month passes by that I don't get to see them. Made me realize tonight maybe that's one of the many reasons why I always want to travel. I don't like the travelling but I love the destination. I always feel sick when I ride a plane or go on land trips, especially if it's hours of travelling. But those seasickness is nothing compared to the happiness I feel when I reach my destination.

Hawaii, you will always be my honeymoon destination :) 
Ibiza, I want to party with you :)
Brazil, with all of you beautiful people, I belong lol :)
Paris, my artistic dreams, I will be with you :)
Italia, mamma mia, I want to dine with you :)
Barcelona, take me back to my homeland :)
New York, a concrete jungle where my dreams are made of, my heart :)
Greece, a place I want to live forever :)
Finland, even with the cold weather, the heartwarming northern lights are breathtaking :)

Learning a Foreign Language

When I studied Spanish before, it was a bit easier as Filipino language (tagalog) has similar words used. Now that I'm learning Finnish again, wow, it's very hard. Some letters aren't read like in English alphabet and they have other special characters added as well.

So I'm starting with the letters, then numbers then some useful phrases I could use everyday :)

Hopefully I could stick to my plan of learning one lesson a day. In 6months, I don't see myself fluent but I can see myself talking in Finnish :)

For a start, i would say to people I meet "Hei, minun nimeni on RJ. hauska tutustua!"

Hahaha way to go!!!

Flooding Thoughts at 2am!

And I'm up! I slept around 8:30 last night so I'm like wide awake since 2:06am. Worked for an hour and decided to import my old blog to my new blog :)
Posted a heartbreaking story in MissBeauitch's Blog!
Now I'm lying in my bed overflowing with thoughts and thinking about life changing decisions lol Wade in Your Water by Common Kings is playing on a replay. I love that song, relaxing and takes me to the beach, in my imagination ofcourse! :)
I've been planning my trip to Suomi and I realized how expensive it will be to live there! haha Europe is an expensive place for a a girl like me who lives cheaply in Asia :) Like literally, i'm such a money-saver junk :) I always go for promos and sale (but I always splurge in my beauty products and food!). But with my clothes, shoes and accessories, I always think before I buy.
Anyways, back to my trip to Suomi, I was thinking of crossing other countries like Sweden or Norway or maybe even Denmark! I shall make a post of …

Epic Movie!!

So I watched Epic for the second time today withh my nephew and I still enjoy watching it :) it knocks on my super geeky beyond natural side hahaha lol what if small people really do exist? Or maybe there's a whole bunch of species living in another planet? Or maybe a planet like Thor's? Gosh I sound so supernatural hahaha
I love that the movie has a great lesson :) to love your parents no matter what they do and to never take them for granted and vice versa. :)
I think I just need a vacation, maybe go camping or hiking. I feel like I need to go to the woods lol even though I walk almost everyday to destress, seeing trees, plants and flowers, I still feel the need to make that quick vacation once in a while. Maybe the world is giving me too much stress that even wlaking everyday cannot make me relax like I want to.
The hustle and bustle of the city is just too much sometimes.
I wish I could fly, like a butterfly :) and get away :) fly away :)
Watch Epic guys, it's a nice movie …

Is It Weird That I Love Oblivion?

I was really hesitant to watch Oblivion as I'm not really a fan of Tom Cruise. Not that I don't like him but I just love other actors more. 
Well, people told me not to watch it but I did anyway, so, I feel a little bit weird that I kinda love the movie lol I've watched it 4 times this month lol hahaha with different crowds though. Today I'm watching it with my cousins :) 
What I love about the movie? The twist, there were many Jack Harper and his partner! I did not see that one coming! Seriously. When I was younber, I watch a movie because of the actors in it. But now, I watch a movie if it has a nice story. I'm glad my sister bugged me into watching Oblivion or I would have missed one good movie >_<
I love how modern the things and scenes are in this movie. The pool in the house in the sky was, whoamazing! I've always loved swimming pools, especially those that are well thought of, meaning, the type of pool you don't normally see everyday :) 
I thought …

Plants vs Zombies 2!!! Finally!

Plants vs Zombies 2 is here!!!! I can't believe it's here lol I've been very addicted to the first one and I hope this versionwill do the same!
The graphics are prettier and crisp in this version. Is it?
I'm going to a time machine! Weeeeeeeee!
Hello Futterberry! Welcome to effin Egypt!!! I didn't see this one coming!

Teen Choice Awards 2013 Winners!

Took a snapshot of all the winners from justjared ;) I love this site so much, always updated :) Congratulations to all Pretty Little Liars Cast!!!

FIBA: Philippines vs. Iran

As I am writing this post, the Philippines is about to lose. 69 vs 83. This is not yet the final score but with 55 seconds left in the game, it takes a miracle for the Philippines to win. This is the first time I've watched them play and it pains me to watch because they're losing, we're losing.
This is why I don't watch sports so much because I always get sad if my team loses. I have always been an avid fan of Chicago Bulls before and when I was in College, I've been in love with Lakers and since then, I've watched NBA and many times I was heartbroken. From the recent NBA Finals, Lakers lost a couple of times and yes, I stopped watching the game. And because FIBA Asia was all over the news and even celebrities raved about it, I thought I would give it a try and watch a basketball again. And again, my team is losing. Or should I say, lost again. But I know in the hearts of many Filipinos, we are still Champions :) 
Go GILAS Pilipinas! :)

Awesome Reviews Coming Your Way!

Because the products in the market has increased like a popping corn, I'm going to start reviewing products too aside from my favorite Ipad Applications and games! Well I hope it would help you guys in buying the right products :)
Stay tuned for more review posts! :)

Kevin Hart Makes Me Laugh!!!

This is by far the funniest clip in Kevin Hart's Let Me Explain videos! I have been watching this and raping the replay button like 15 million times! hahaha This cracks me up! This guy seriously brings out my funny side, I just like the way he jokes lol I will post more of my favorite videos :)

Learning New Hobbies!

Been really bored these past few days or maybe weeks and I have been caught up with work. I'm so glad I have this blog to share my overflowing thoughts and emotions lol :)
I really think it's time to make myself productive and learn a new hobby or hobbies! I'm thinking about painting, gardening or maybe continue my spanish lessons? I don't really know what and where to start but I know I'm gonna do something different starting this Monday :)
I have started redecorating my room and I love it! I'm thinking about putting wall decorations near my bed. I have made my mini office in the corner and finally, I have organized SOME of my accessories :) Wherein I realized that I need to buy new things. Not that I go out often but I think I really need to update my things especially my wardrobe :)
Gosh I've been blabbing too much here. Anyways, I can't wait to start on my new hobbies lol :)