Teen Wolf "Silverfinger" recap

This episode opens up about the appearance of mysterious dark shadows with killer ninja moves and why their terrorizing the supernaturals in Beacon Hills.
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It turns out that these shadowy, masked figures are Japanese demons called the Onis and that they’re looking for someone possessed by the dark spirit, the Nogitsune.

So, they checked all of Scott’s friends if they are housing a demon spirit within them.

In episode 16, the shadows chased for everyone who’s supernatural except for Scott and Kira because daylight came and they vanished.

Taking off from where the last one ended, Scott takes Kira to his house before nightfall. They express how they would hate to see each other get hurt protecting one another (insert “awwww”s here).
"I'm not letting you get hurt."

And then, Kira shares about what she really is.

We were right about Kira being the nine-tailed fox but we were wrong about the creature originating from Korea.

So, anyway, Kira is a kitsune of Japanese folklore and she adds that she might be the reason why those ninja shadows are pestering them.

Scott dismisses the idea of her being a bad-ass, demon possessed chick. Then Scott closes the book to get Kira’s attention and leans in for the kiss... until Scott’s dad shows up. (Thanks a lot for ruining their moment, Mr. McCall. Nice timing... NOT.)

At first, we thought that Kira who mysteriously shows up at Beacon Hills High School has something to do with this. But, it turns out that Stiles is the possessed one.

Stiles is the one these masked dudes are looking for. Apparently, he’s been having blackouts lately while sneaking into the chemistry lab and leaving cryptic messages on the school blackboard.

Who’d knew that Stiles, the brains behind all these brawn, is the secret killer?

Can’t wait for more episodes and more Scira (Scott+Kira).


  1. I'm SOOO Super worried about Stiles. He is my favorite and without him everyone would be dead. Lol he figures everything out. I hope they can figure it out before he does anything too terrible that he will have a hard time recovering from.


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