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The Vampire Diaries Season 4

Wouldn't it be nice if it's already October and The Vampire Diaries will premiere its first episode of Season 4? Ahh, a girl can only dream. So for those of you who's like me who's having withdrawal symptoms because of the hiatus of our favorite tv series, the videos in youtube really does help :) plus checking out their twitter pages :) Follow @julieplec guys, she's amazing! For the meantime, we can vote for The Vampire Diaries cast in Teen Choice Awards and VH1. I really want Joseph Morgan to win the Best TV Villain :) and ofcourse, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. Follow me on twitter @luvsanimalprint

The Vampire Diaries Obsession

Okae, so it hit me. I am a TVD-holic. After Season 3 and learning that Elena might fall in love with Damon in Season 4 has brought me to new heights. I decided to stop watching TVD from episode 12 because the week-long break from each episode is driving me nuts. So I made myself busy with work and all other stuff. When the season finale was finally released, my sister-in-law gave me a copy of the episodes 12 to 22. Believe me, I finished it in one sitting. I finished at about 4am and my viewing was full of tears, gasps and OMG! hahaha I couldn't move on. And the fact that Season 4 will be aired on October, that's like 4 crazy months! TVD-rehab calling!
After that day, I swore TVD is the most amazing, one-and-only, heartbreakingly-epic TV series man ever created. For real. It hook me up, and it's not even a man. lol From TVD fan, I instantly became TVD-holic with symptoms. hahaha Now I'm having TVD-withdrawal symptoms. Gaaaah! I always check for news and updates and it s…

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale

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*Speechless* *Tears streaming down my face* Okay, so I know it's a bit on the edge and a lil bit overacting when I tell you that I actually did cry over The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale. It was a bit too much! People are dying and ofcourse, Elena chose Stefan over Damon. I overly cried on their phone conversation and I was like replaying that part like 10 times over and over again!!! Can you blame me? I'm such a Delena fan and I felt for Damon. Gaaah, I sounded like a lunatic! hahaha Anyways, I can't move on with the fact that Damon and Elena met first and when Elena told him that if maybe they'd met before she and Stefan had, then just maybe, she would pick him. So when I saw that part that they saw each other on the road and Damon compelled her, I cried even more. lol, such a cry baby when it comes to The Vampire Diaries! I really want to talk more about it but my Mama is calling me so we can eat breakfast as my brother and his wife are here. Gonna fin…

Stop Finning! Save the Sharks, Save the World!

Please take a lil amount of your time to watch this video. Stop Finning! Save the Sharks! Please watch and share! Thanks!!


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Vote everyday you guys!! :) Let's support her! Go lang ng go! And you might win too! :)

My Fifty Shades of Grey

There's a buzz buzz in the meadow! hahaha According to MTV, Nina Dobrev might be playing Anastasia Steele of the famous book Fift Shades of Grey! And I love it! hahaha I have been picturing Nina or Ian doing the roles but I think Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl or Chace Crawford can do the it too. 
Well, I have been reading the trilogy, thanks to my BFF Jean who introduced me to the book. I love how EL James wrote it with simplicity and jam packed with sexuality. hahaha The book has seriously a lot of steamy scenes that made me blush. Jean and I were joking how I wanted Christian Grey so much. :) I have finished reading all the books and I love it! I love the ending and every part of it.
Here's my list of actors who I want to play as Christian Grey:
1. Ian Somerhalder 2. Ed Westwick 3. Chace Crawford 4. Zac Efron (Okay, he might be young for this role, but he's a hottie that's why he made it up to my list) hahaha 5. Ashton Kutcher. He's The Man! 6. Bradley Cooper. I love that …

Hello, Davao!

My Papa has a meeting ofcourse, as always, so Mama and I decided to go with him in Davao, and here we are! :) 
So excited to visit Abreeza Mall, heard good reviews and cool comments from people I know. I'm still waiting for my classmate, sister Shenette, to contact me as she will be my tourguide. hehe Calling, Shenette Bunda!!
Anyways, the Conference booked us here in Bagobo House Hotel, so we don't really have a choice, sayang naman if hindi namin tutulugan ang free room :) I love the hotel's simplicity and the sumptuous FREE breakfast. What I don't like is, the wifi is not for free! 50/hr, 150/24hrs and 500/week. I could buy smartbro, globe broadband or sun broadband with that money. lol Anyways, good thing the food is delicious, or else! hahaha
I love Davao! :)

xoxo RJ Lyn

Sexy Solutions by Belo


Vans Vault Spring 2012 Sk8-Hi LX ‘Notchback’


My ZALORA Wishlist

My Zalora Wishlist. Just browsed through Nuffnangs site and I stumbled upon this contest. I was hesitant to try it at first but, it won't hurt if I try, right? Well anyways, I love Zalora because it makes online shopping fun and easy. It's like everything you need is in one website. Because I'm an unemployed Newly Registered Nurse, buying things I need and "want" is hard. But 'nuff 'bout me, let's get started with my wishlist! Yeeha! :) I just love this simple joys I get whenever I enjoy doing something, and knowing I might get this for free makes me want to "dougie" dance. haha *wink* It's like Christmas and I'm telling Santa what I want, except that it's Zalora and it's still May :) First on my list is ofcourse, a pair of heels. Every girls gotta have it. I know every woman would agree on this! A woman can't have enough shoes :) What I love about this Plain platform pumps from WADE is the simplicity of its overall elegan…

Churp Churp

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Foodtrip at Mojoe's

Me and my favorite Seaweed Snacky
My sister smiling because it's her cheat day. haha
Sister's, Dwight's, and Mama's
7UP, Cali and Weight Loss Shake
Meat Lovers. Yummm!
The other one's Cheesy Bacon
Their Tall Glasses. Really!