6 Bizarre Beauty Tips for That Red Carpet Look

We’ve stumbled upon a couple of articles from beautygypsy.com and sayshan.com which we think are post-worthy. We want our lemonberry gals to be knowledgeable in terms of beauty and lifestyle. And, we think this list will surely give you all the wisdom you’ll need when you need to be picture perfect for a very special event.

1.    instant anti-aging facial mask

Need to tighten your skin and shrink pores? Get your anti-acid Pepto-Bismol and apply it on your face. Just a tablespoon of the anti-acid Pepto-Bismol on your face and you’ll have tighter skin in minutes. Let it dry on your skin for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water. 
You’ll have to moisturize your skin afterwards. It also dries out zits and known to shrink pores. It may work wonders to your skin but do not use it daily. It’s not a substitute for your daily acne regimen.

2.    conceal blemishes

If you’re going out and you have this enormous zit on your cheek try shrinking it by nasal spray and Visine. The two products have vasoconstrictors which calms the swelling. Just put some nasal spray and Visine on a red pimple and watch the redness disappear. The products could also reduce under eye circles and puffiness.

3.    feel bloated? 

Combine 1tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and half a glass of water and drink. The enzymes from the apple cider will slow down the gastric juice production.

4.    lush lashes

Dab on some flax seed oil on your lashes before you go to sleep. Flax seed oil has Omega 3, 6, 9 that repairs damaged lashes.

5.    steam it to set it

Before heading out with a face full of makeup, step into a hot bath/shower first. Why? Because the steam will set the makeup on your face and it adds dewiness to it also.

6.    stop sporting the ‘double chin’

Dab a caffeine-rich cellulite cream along your jaw line. Since caffeine is a diuretic, it will suck out the excess fluids. But remember, this will only work for 3-4 hours – long enough to get through a date/party. Be careful not to get it in your eyes.

7.    don’t sweat it!

Have you ever wondered why celebrities in red carpet events look ‘oh so good’ in their makeup even under the heat of those red carpet lights and camera flashes? 
They apply deodorant on their faces to prevent their makeup from running. Not all over their faces but on the usual sweaty places like the upper lip and the hairline. 
You need to have a skin test first before trying this regimen. Remember to apply the deodorant very thinly and it has to be unscented.


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