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Why Giving Up Is Perfectly Fine To Be Happy

Life is supposed to be wonderfully live. In order to have a fulfilling journey in this marvellous world, we have to be
happy. Happiness is a state of contentment and it is more of a choice rather than a product of circumstance.
But what's stopping us from being completely happy? Below are 8 reasons that we should give up so we can say
that we are living a happy life.
1. Give up complaining. To complain is to express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or event. While it is not a crime to
complain, too much of it will make you an ungrateful person. You have to give up complaining especially on little
misfortunes. The world you live in is not perfect and many unlikely things will happen to you. However, if you
keep on complaining and portray a negative reaction to bad situations, you are just making the load even heavier.
You have to develop an attitude of gratefulness. When life throws stone at you, throw back bread instead. This may
sound so cliche but very applica…

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