Easy Tips on How To Look Natural With Makeup

So how do you look natural with makeup? First, have a clean face free from dust or traces of previous makeup. Exfoliate if you have blackheads and other facial problems. 

Do not forget to moisturize especially after exfoliating. Moisturizing the face keeps it soft, supple and younger looking. Apply a pea sizes amount of unscented, oil-free lotion all over your face.

After moisturizing, you can then apply foundation. Or better yet, use tinted moisturizer instead, which is great because it’s two-in-one.

Use concealer to cover dark circles under your eyes. If you have blemishes, apply concealer to hide them. Remember to not use concealer as foundation because it’ll look cakey and feel heavy of your skin. Only apply them on pimples, acne and other facial flaws you need to cover.

Use cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. Cream blush provides a more natural, dewy look and it lasts longer compared to powder blush. Opt for a champagne tinted cream blush and add a little bit of pink for that rosy, all-natural look.
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If you’re pale or very fair-skinned, use a bronzer instead of a blush. Do not use both and do not over-do the bronzer. You want to look healthy and sun-kissed but not someone who just got out of a facial tanning salon.
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For the eyes, line your upper lash line with a brown kohl pencil or a gel liner. Do not forget to smudge.
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For natural looking, fuller eyebrows, use a matte eyeshadow that matches your hair color.
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Apply two swipes of mascara and use a declumping brush or an eyebrow brush to smoothen the lashes.
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After all the creams, it’s nice to powder on some loose foundation on your face especially your t-zone. Make sure that what your using is the right color for you. You can test it by applying the powder on your cheek under natural light.
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Use a tinted lip balm for a subtle color and sheen.
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And these my friends are the ways on hw to look natural with makeup!


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