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Are You Ready to Cross the Zombie Lane?

Digital Chocolate really makes awesome games! I remembered I was hooked with their other game, it was like a chocolate factory, much like candy crush but just uses chocolates :) yummy game if you ask me! Hahaha
Here's the part where you have to wait for the game to load. It just takes less than a minute if your connection is good. But for those with crappy internet, you might want to take a shower first or grab a snack! Haha kidding!
Like some other games, zombie lane has some ads in between >_<

My Journey in Carrot Fantasy

Say hello to Luobo's addicting game, The Carrot Fantasy. I don't know about you but I didn't have any carrot fantasies since this game haha lol I just love the welcome image of this game :)

So here's how Carrot Fantasy looks like :)

Here's my nest, with my baby sea monsters :) They really look cute :) So you basically need to grow a specific type of monster to unlock new levels :)

An Honest Review of Candy Crush Saga from a Candy Crush Addict's Point of View

You might be wondering why I am reviewing this first and not clash of clans, well first of all, coc is such a cool game that it just keeps getting better so I need more time to make my village a little bit more appelaing to the eyes of my audience lol
Well anyway, let's stick with candy crush as of the moment as this game gave me sleepless nights! hahaha and so I thought love is the only thing that make me miss my precious sleep lol
To all the candy crush addicts, I FEEL YOU! hahaha I know how hard it is when there's only one tile left and you have only one more move and then you got stuck. Ouch.
Here are snippets from my ifudge of one of my fave games. You might be shocked how kiddie games are so addicting! hahaha Or maybe it's the candy. Help me, I'm stuck in level 65! haha

To Blog: iPad Apps

So I was thinking because I always use my ipad and constantly playing or trying new apps, why not blog about them :)

I'm sure gonna start reviewing clash of clans, my favorite game of all time! :)

Stay tuned! :)

The Lemonberry Dreamer

When Love Knocks You Down and You Can’t Get Back Up!

Ever have that feeling where somebody makes you feel like you are floating because of too much happiness? Well be careful as that person can be the reason why you fall fast and hit the ground so hard you won’t be able to get back up.

I know I am not the only one who feels like its the end of the world today, I’m pretty sure somewhere across the world, out of the 7 billion people walking in this planet, people are hurting too. But what if the one who caused you pain is the only person who can make you happy again? Ironically, it happens all the time.

Love, so complicated and gives you too much pain, but people still choose to love because having someone to love is like having a glimpse of heaven. Shout out to everybody who’s hurting, what ever situation you are in, you are not alone. This too shall pass.

The Lemonberry Dreamer

The Typical Filipino Food.. Yummm! :)

Say hello to our dinner table last week when we welcome our handsome guest, lol :)
This is a typical food for me, mind you, my mom cooked everything! I can actually say that the foods tastes way better than it looks :) 
Typical filipino feast includes a lot of food and heaps of laughs :)
The pork ribs can't be seen much but they are delish! The mixed veggies is super yummy (i'm not sure if a lot of you guys are a fan of vegetables). The sweet and sour pork really surprised me as mom does not cook it often, but still it was a mind blowing food :) the Bihon, Pork Steak, Steamed Fish and Oven Cooked Fish are also delish :)

Delena, Nian or Whatever, Is It Really The End?

As I was browsing my iPad's photos, I saw a pic that made me sad, once again it struck me, Nian no more :'(
How could a perfect pair end? Argh! My fellow Delena's and Nian's speak uppppp! :) I would seriously love to hear your thoughts about this. I know this is long overdue but I can't move on. Hehe
I forgot where I got this pic from so to the owner of this picture, please give me a link so I can link it back to you :) I just saved this in my tablet and I didn't know I would share this with a broken heart. Sobs.

The Life Behind the Screen

Somebody asked my dad, "So where is your daughter working now, the Nurse?" Well, he calmly said, she's just doing online jobs 'coz she doesn't have any experience in the hospital. Well, perhaps never will in the hospital but in some other areas, I might try. Hopefully.
I don't know what's more sad, the fact that people don't understand what I do or the fact that I cannot use the Profession I finished. I'm a nurse, always will be, but being a nurse is much more than just working in the hospital. I have always loved writing and I have made countless of blogs since I knew how to make one and now I'm sticking up to this blog. I realized hopping in blog after blog will just make my thoughts scatter like a bowl of popcorn spilled. Anyways, I just want to reach out to all the people who's been working hard online like me :) I am happy and contented of my job and I don't like it when people laugh at me because they think I'm weird. Lol, I…

When You're Left Behind

I never knew how much love could hurt until he hugged me tight and said our goodbye's. I'm getting softie again just thinking about it. Sobs.
When I first saw him in the arrival area, my heart skipped a beat and I was the happiest girl ever. I can't believe two weeks passed and now I have to say goodbye to my love. It breaks my heart to see him go but he needs to live his life and work like what he always do before he met me. Now all I can do is be thankful that it happened, that he finally fulfilled his promises :)
Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner needs to go somewhere to work or maybe he needs to go home to his country to work and save money for the future? Well, I feel you all! I couldn't be any sadder when we said goodbyes but as Air Supply sang, remember goodbye doesn't mean forever! :)

The Lemonberry Dreamer

Hiatus Finished!

Been out and about for two weeks coz someone very special came, family vacation and all :) Now I'm so back to writing more stuffs and more work! Phew!

I can't believe my vacation is over! But I sure did enjoy my vacation :)

Will start writing posts tonight! Yay! :) Stay tuned ya'll! :)

The Lemonberry Dreamer