5 DIY Beauty Tips for the Budget Babe!

I have always been very budget conscious especially today where everything you need can almost be done at home. Aside from being a budget babe, I love to use products that are close to natural as possible. I don't now what's better than DIY, the fact that I can make them on my own or that I can splurge my money on other things (I'd give everything just to travel the world! New York Im looking at you!Hahaha) Here are 5 DIY beauty tips for all the gorgeous budget babes like moi *french*!

Gorgeous Shiny Hair
There are days where I feel like in a shampoo commercial and my hair is just naturally bouncy and looks very healthy but there are also times *covers face* where my hair seems like a freaking toothpick, limp, dry and lifeless. But that was before *thank goodness!* If you're a brunette like me, a brewed strong organic coffee is all you need! Leave the warm coffee in your hair for 20 to 25 minutes. For blondes, try using the lemon water in your locks and reveal your natural blonde and shine in minutes! Hello naturally shiny and beautiful hair!
DIY Facial
I love DIY Facials! I just had my own mixture last Monday! I made a fresh juice out of pineapple and carrot and guess who's making the most out of her veggies and fruits? #ME (yes that's a hashtag haha) I drank the juice and put the pulp ad all the goodness on my face! :) It was cold and relaxing but don't let pineapply stay too much on your face or it will eat it lol kidding! But I felt some tingling sensation on my face but after I rinsed it, I had one of the best glows I ever had! And I was amazed it lasted till the afternoon :) I did it in the morning by the way.

Morning Face-lift
I don't normally do egg facials or use them for beauty purposes as I just can't let my delicious eggies go to waste! haha I'd rather eat them! But if egg whites firms up my skin, I think I can skip a day without eating them and instead use them for a good face lift! According to the article I've read, it titghtens skin, improves complexion and hydrates the skin. I just tried this once so I can't really say I saw the effects of this but my skin felt smooth after :) Are you eggzoited? haha
Healthy Toes
Summer is coming and whether we admit it or not (trust me it's okay if your feet is a bit smelly on hot days but don't let the smell tell the people, you can do something about it!) Yogurt is not just a great snack but it also helps fight redness if you have foot problems and you can add your favorite oil for an added scent and relaxation. I'm thinking about vanilla + yogurt!
Bright Smile
Oil pulling is getting really popular today and I must say I was tempted to try it. I am still on my second day though. The article I read said any oil will do but I chose coconut oil, just because I already have it and I love coonut oil. It's like a miracle in a bottle! Oil pulling is using an oil and gargling it for 15 to 20 minutes. And it's a big plus that coconut oil has antimicrobial properties so it kills bacteria while making your teeth brighter and healthier! :)


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