5 Reasons Why You Should Start Watching Teen Wolf 3 Today!

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We’ve only started watching Teen Wolf 3 just three weeks ago and we love it. What’s not to love about this show? It has everything you want in a supernatural, teen drama. You’ve got your hunks, your babes and plot twists circulating around hormonal, supernatural teens who may or may not wreak havoc in their silent town of Beacon Hills.

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Are you still not enticed? Maybe this list might change your mind.

They’re not just adorable, they also tend to be so hot with their ripped chests and that strong, sexy glare that sends us melting to the floor. 

They’re the type of girls you wouldn’t want to mess with.

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Don’t let Allison’s dimples fool you because this chick is like the female version of Arrow.

She’s a chatter and a downright screamer. Don’t mess with the banshee because if you do, then, say goodbye to your hearing.

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Kira is the new girl at school. Though she might look like a fragile, porcelain Chinese doll, you’re wrong. We don’t know for sure what her powers are but she can suck 2000 gigawatts of electricity through her hands.


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Teen Wolf mainly revolves around Scott McCall. He’s this tough guy with a big heart. He’s more of like a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

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We like how tough he is but still manages to be goofy in a cute way.

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Scott has his sights set for the new girl, Kira. She’s half-Japanese, half-Korean and is the daughter of their new history teacher. She has had a lot of friends back in her previous school but is having a difficult time earning some in Beacon Hills. To others, she is just a girl trying to fit in but to Scott, she’s more than that. 

Scott, like the good guy/valiant knight that he is, saves Kira from a coyote and a mass murderer, and tries to be there for her.

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This “relationship” starts when Scott sees Kira in a way that other people wouldn’t understand. He sees himself in her and comforts her that everything’s going to be okay (will it?).

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This part hooked me up. It’s refreshing to see that an Asian plays the love interest of the main protagonist. And, we’re curious as to how this possible love story advances.

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We’re also excited to know what Kira’s powers are. We’re guessing it might be that of the nine-tailed fox of Korean Mythology.

Styles is Scott’s best friend and ally but after last week’s episode, it seems he has turned to the dark side, unknowingly.


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