Frozen Movie Review: Why Frozen is a Must-Watch For Every Girl... and Woman!

"An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart"

Frozen is not your typical Disney movie although the characters are mostly the same, princesses and interesting characters (Olaf is an adorb snowman! And I love the trolls, such cuties :) )

So what's in this movie that makes it different from other fairytales?

First, it's all about family. At some point in our lives, we have taken for granted our families. Because we know they will always be there for us, we think that we don't have to show them that we care of we love them. It's like, because they are our family, we are automatically thinking we are obliged to love them and care for them and we can't do anything about it and eventually they become a burden to most of us. When was the last time you said I love you to your parents or your siblings? If your life ends right now, will they know you love them? (I am so guilty of this! haha)

Second, we grew up with fairytales that shows us that we are all some damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor or a rich prince will come save us, which often messes up relationships today. Some women are so dependent to men that they can't live without a man. Young girls, especially teens have grown to a society where true love is always found in a man. Which is why this movie is a must watch for every girl so their eyes will be opened that an act of true love is not always a kiss and can also be given to you by your family too. When you're fulfilled and happy as an individual, you'll be a better lover :)

Third, it's musical! I love music so everything musical is appealing to me and I must say that Elsa's dress when she sang "Let It Go" is the coolest gown in cartoon history haha :)

Last but not the least, it shows us girls not to give out trust fully to a man, especially to a stranger. Just because someone says the things you want to hear doesn't mean their intentions are pure and they're the ones for you. I'd rather have someone who hurts me with the truth than comforts me with a lie :)

Here's the trailer of the movie:


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