To travel the world...

As a child, I grew up with my dad always on the go. Sometimes my mom goes with him too. Days, weeks or even a month passes by that I don't get to see them. Made me realize tonight maybe that's one of the many reasons why I always want to travel. I don't like the travelling but I love the destination. I always feel sick when I ride a plane or go on land trips, especially if it's hours of travelling. But those seasickness is nothing compared to the happiness I feel when I reach my destination.

Hawaii, you will always be my honeymoon destination :) 

Ibiza, I want to party with you :)

Brazil, with all of you beautiful people, I belong lol :)

Paris, my artistic dreams, I will be with you :)

Italia, mamma mia, I want to dine with you :)

Barcelona, take me back to my homeland :)

New York, a concrete jungle where my dreams are made of, my heart :)

Greece, a place I want to live forever :)

Finland, even with the cold weather, the heartwarming northern lights are breathtaking :)

I will visit each one of you and that's a promise I will keep :) these are not all the places I want to visit, there's still more :) 


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