Is It Weird That I Love Oblivion?

I was really hesitant to watch Oblivion as I'm not really a fan of Tom Cruise. Not that I don't like him but I just love other actors more. 

Well, people told me not to watch it but I did anyway, so, I feel a little bit weird that I kinda love the movie lol I've watched it 4 times this month lol hahaha with different crowds though. Today I'm watching it with my cousins :) 

What I love about the movie? The twist, there were many Jack Harper and his partner! I did not see that one coming! Seriously. When I was younber, I watch a movie because of the actors in it. But now, I watch a movie if it has a nice story. I'm glad my sister bugged me into watching Oblivion or I would have missed one good movie >_<

I love how modern the things and scenes are in this movie. The pool in the house in the sky was, whoamazing! I've always loved swimming pools, especially those that are well thought of, meaning, the type of pool you don't normally see everyday :) 

I thought that the enemies were aliens but they were humans and I like how the clones and drones were the bad guys. Upside down twists like this makes me love movies even more :) 

So to everyone who loves Oblivion, I feel you guys! ;)


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