Run More, Live More!

The following pictures are snapshots of my daily run and walk. I always have a rest day to feed my laziness lol ;) I use Noom Walk to monitor my steps and RunKeeper for my run and walk. Noom Walk is very reliable, and it amazes me how it can track my steps, i'm not really techie and all.hahaha RunKeeper on the other hand, had failed me a few times. There are times it will stop tracking my time so I end up starting a new activity again. Bummer. 

What I love about walking and running, is you don't get enough excuses not to do it. All you really have to do is wear your shoes and get some water and you're good to go. Because I live far from the city, I need to plan on how to exercise without going to the gym. Otherwise I will spend lots of money and time in going to the city to have an hour of gym sesh.

Losing weight is not really my primary reason although it is one, like all people, I just want to be healthy :) Which led me to start walking and then I incorporated running :) I always walk and run at the same place, I'm lucky to live in a compound full of trees and plants, so I know the area really well :) 

I love going out for a walk and run because it refreshes your mind. Seeing trees, smelling flowers, hearing the chirps of the birds and even the soft rays of the sun early morning are things that will uplift your soul and make you happy. If you're in a bad mood, go for a walk :)

I want to try HIIT as it alternates walk, jog and run for a short period of time but it promises awesome results :) forgive me for the lowgrade pictures, it's from my Instagram account ;) and I just use my Phone or iPad to take pictures ;)


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