Flooding Thoughts at 2am!

And I'm up! I slept around 8:30 last night so I'm like wide awake since 2:06am. Worked for an hour and decided to import my old blog to my new blog :)

Posted a heartbreaking story in MissBeauitch's Blog!

Now I'm lying in my bed overflowing with thoughts and thinking about life changing decisions lol Wade in Your Water by Common Kings is playing on a replay. I love that song, relaxing and takes me to the beach, in my imagination ofcourse! :)

I've been planning my trip to Suomi and I realized how expensive it will be to live there! haha Europe is an expensive place for a a girl like me who lives cheaply in Asia :) Like literally, i'm such a money-saver junk :) I always go for promos and sale (but I always splurge in my beauty products and food!). But with my clothes, shoes and accessories, I always think before I buy.

Anyways, back to my trip to Suomi, I was thinking of crossing other countries like Sweden or Norway or maybe even Denmark! I shall make a post of the places I want to visit :) I cannot visit Spain, France or Greece in this trip as they are a bit far from Finland. *sobs* Other points in my bucketlist should wait for my next trip! A stroll in Barcelona and experience the beach in Ibiza, a picture with the eiffel tower and all the other museums and tourist spots in Paris and ofcourse, the beauty of Greece, Athens I'm coming for you! :) Well before my Europe dreams will come true, I still need to process my Schengen Visa which is one of the most challenging part of this trip! I claim it, I know God will never put a dream in my heart that I can not reach! Positive vibes! :) Honorary Consuls, be kind to me :)


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