Epic Movie!!

So I watched Epic for the second time today withh my nephew and I still enjoy watching it :) it knocks on my super geeky beyond natural side hahaha lol what if small people really do exist? Or maybe there's a whole bunch of species living in another planet? Or maybe a planet like Thor's? Gosh I sound so supernatural hahaha

I love that the movie has a great lesson :) to love your parents no matter what they do and to never take them for granted and vice versa. :)

I think I just need a vacation, maybe go camping or hiking. I feel like I need to go to the woods lol even though I walk almost everyday to destress, seeing trees, plants and flowers, I still feel the need to make that quick vacation once in a while. Maybe the world is giving me too much stress that even wlaking everyday cannot make me relax like I want to.

The hustle and bustle of the city is just too much sometimes.

I wish I could fly, like a butterfly :) and get away :) fly away :)

Watch Epic guys, it's a nice movie :)


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