Plants vs Zombies 2!!! Finally!

Plants vs Zombies 2 is here!!!! I can't believe it's here lol I've been very addicted to the first one and I hope this versionwill do the same!

The graphics are prettier and crisp in this version. Is it?

I'm going to a time machine! Weeeeeeeee!

Hello Futterberry! Welcome to effin Egypt!!! I didn't see this one coming!

Now this is totally different from the firs one. It feels like a different game if you ask me.

At first I thought these were graves wherein you have to destroy coz there'll be zombies coming out. Wrong! These are actually barriers! You need to destroy them because the peas can't shoot directly to the zombies coming.

So you get a star after you finish a level!

These a thelevels with theplants that you get after you win :)

Can you see the camel? Spot the camel! Lol these are three zombies together holding a camel drawing or painting or I don't even know what the hell is this but it's pretty badass if you just use the peas. You can't damage the zombie unless you destroy it.

Can you see my super cabbage? One cabbage can shoot in all lanes if you feed it with the plant food. Plant food are given like the sun, it falls from the top. I believe some zombies have plant food in them too. And if you can see the zombie holding a sun wand, it sucks up the sun and it disables you from getting it. It's like a sun magnet.

And I won this one for this level. Not exactly sure what this is.

I'm goign to post more about Plants vs Zombies 2 so keep posted! :)


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