Weight Watchers vs. Paleo?

I've been doing the paleo lifestyle for weeks now. I'd like to use lifestyle because I believe it's not just a diet, like all other diets. If you want to lose weight, diet will never be enough, a lifestyle change is :)

So as I was reading about Paleo, I've come across a website where they featured 30 diets and guess what, Paleo was ranked the last! I was like? Blank all over my face. I have lost a total of 10 pounds by the way by walking, running, some weights and Paleo. But Weight Watcher's was friggin' number one on the list!

I was thinking if I already lost this much weight for a weeks in Paleo that ranked 30 in the list, how much more if I tried the first one! Well, I really liked Paleo because it was just not about losing the excess weight. It was a great healthy step for me. I never had milk, though I ate cheese once in a while, I never had nuts for weeks, but I had them on cheat days, I ate rice a couple of times and really, it's hard to go Paleo all the way!

In weight watchers, there's no food restricted but you gotta master their points and maybe portion control. I am not really a Professional at this but I'm trying to live a healthier life :)

I'm not much of a fan of poultry except for eggs though so I could actually go vegan but I love fish lol I was thinking of incorporating Paleo and Weight Watchers in one diet, Imma call it WeightPal :) haha Coz I just want to be half paleo and half weight watchers until I reach my goal weight then I will go back to all Paleo again :)


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