About Me

Trying to fit myself in 10 descriptions! :)

1. I am obsessed with writing that I could never have just one journal. I have 7 as of the moment and as if that's not enough, I have 1 new planner!

2. I'm a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, James Bond, Star Wars, Joel Osteen and Jack Daniel's. No Judging! hahaha

3. I am a big clash of clan freak. I love games. LOVE. Age of Empires, Star Craft and Counter Strike are my top 3 PC Games :)

4. I don't like pork, beef and other hard meat. I could live a vegan life without struggling! And chocolate. It's always about chocolate. Salmon, salad and garlic potatoes is a fabulous dinner plate! Fitness junk since July 2013! :)

5. I can never have enough tea. Black, green, white, chamomile and peppermint makes me a happy girl :)

6. I love lighting candles if I want to relax. French Vanilla takes me to a whole new place hahaha Music + Candles, best night ever! Add some white wine too!

7. I love glitters, sparkles and all things bright and beautiful haha

8. I want to travel the whole world and learn different cultures and try to eat their traditional food (GULP) I want to be multicultural. Still waiting for my travel buddy to find me :p

9. I'm a sucker for beauty products. And Makeup :)

10. 3R's. Rough. Romantic. Revelry.

What I Do:

I have been doing some freelance stuffs since January 2011 from being a researcher, to a data entry specialist, to a content manager and even went as far as a Personal Assistant even though I don’t really have any admin experience ^_^ When I started, I would burn myself out and work for almost 70 hours per week but I realized, I was too busy making a living that I forgot to live my life. Today, I would always choose the things that will make me happier and if working less makes me do the things I want (even if the pay is little) I would do it  I don’t earn much today but I am happier than I was when I was earning more!

A lot of people always ask me, “Why freelancing?” I always answer “Why not?” I have tried working a regular job and it didn’t work out. It was very stressful, time-consuming and I knew that I wasn’t born to work in a regular environment. Aliens live in space so I’m convinced I should be living in the blogosphere hahaha When I chose to be a freelance worker, I knew it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Please visit my other website www.SpicyScribbler.com!

Things I Like:

Cook/Eat/Making New Recipes

Watching Movies and TV Series





Create Stuff

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