How To Pick a Car Insurance Company? We'll Teach You How!

Here are some seven steps to help you on picking the perfect car insurance company. Keep in mind that these are not step-by-step as you can start which ever you feel right.

Verify Company’s state licensure
It is wise to visit first your state’s department of insurance to know the list of providers who are legal to sell insurance. Request a hard copy list from the office or go online on their official website.

Determine whether to buy locally or nationally
Almost all local insurance agencies are branches of national chains. Although, national insurance companies like Progressive and Geico do not have local offices.
It’s essential to examine each kind of provider before making the decision. Part of that is to decide if it’s okay for you not to physically meet your agent or would you rather visit the agency to get the feel of it.

Hunt and Compare Rates
Do efforts to save a lot of money by looking for the cheapest rates but still the same services. But remember, price is not the most important factor if the services are accounted for.

Analyse Insurance Company Ratings
·    Check out information services firms like J.D. Power and Associates that collects facts from policyholders and rates companies by their coverage options, prices, how claims are handled, customer satisfaction and customers’ total experiences.
·    A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s are also good to check as they rate the financial strengths of insurance companies.

Do some research
·    Ask people you trust what insurance providers they use and the experiences they’ve had with the agencies. Also interview some body shop managers and ask the same questions as well.
·    Visit the Better Business Bureau website and check out their lists of insurance companies in any area you choose. There, you’ll also figure out if a company is BBB accredited and if it has a record of complaints.
·    Manners matters so observe how agents perform their customer service when you contact them.Also inquire about matters like business hours and after-hours availability.

Ask for Discounts
There are different kinds of discounts that agents will share and it’s impossible that you wouldn’t be qualified for at least a few. But make sure to know the most common discounts that might work for you before meeting the agent.

 For example:
·    Renewing your policy (or loyal customer discounts).
·    Bundling or purchasing multi-lines of coverage.
·    Safety equipment and features of your car.
·    Enrolling for a driver safety course.
·    Have a perfect driving record.
·    Paying your premiums full.

Be attentive of your first policy period
As you start the first year with the provider, pay attention to everything from customer service to how steady your rates remain. The duration of an insurance policy period will depend on how happy you are with the provider. If not it’s time to find a new one.


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