Paleo Diet: To Try or Not to Try?

My friend introduced Paleo diet to me and now my nerd self cannot stop researching lol

So I just started to read about Paleo diet, i'm going to die! Lol okae so no milk, no grains, no processed foods and oh my gosh no legumes, my peanuts! Lol

Good side about this is i dont have any problems eating vegetables and fruits. I love veggies and fruits. I don't like meat too like pork and beef and other hard meat lol chicken is fine.

I have tried no grains diet it was nice i felt so light but today i sometimes eat white rice or brown rice or corn rice and after i read about paleo diet, i can't look at rice the same way again lol hahahaha and potatoes? I love potatoes and having said that i just ate sweet potatoes for lunch today. So sweet potatoes are fine but potatoes aren't, right?

It said that if i cant give up some foods, i should try limiting until i can completely give up. Im planning to cut out some food and then eventually stop eating them. I cant believe i cant eat peanuts. I like the benefits of the paleo diet. 


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