Paleo For Beginners: Eating Out Paleo Style!

Eating out is sometimes hard for a Paleolithic dieter because almost what is served was used to be packed, canned and processed. These people look for restaurants that provide dishes of unprocessed food items. So, if you’re on this diet, follow these tips when eating out caveman style.

Paleo For Beginners: Do your research. Before going out to eat, search for restaurants that provide paleo-friendly menu items. Being prepared will make your dining experience hassle-free.

Paleo For Beginners: Skip the dessert. Going Paleo means keeping your diet sugar and carbs free so, stay away from the breadbasket. When the friendly waiter offers you the dessert menu, politely say no.

Paleo For Beginners: Go to steakhouses. Go eat out at a steakhouse where you’re pretty sure every meal, even the side dish, are paleo-friendly. Steakhouses, aside from the obvious steaks, they also provide baked potatoes and seasoned vegetables. At steakhouses, most if not all, dishes are straight-from-the-ranch food products.

Paleo For Beginners: Steamed veggies. If you’re opting for vegetables, have them steamed instead of grilled. In this way, you can be sure that there are no butters or processed oils used in your vegetables while preparing them.

Paleo For Beginners: Hold the carbs. Eating out at a hamburger joint requires our paleo dieters to skip the bread. While skipping the buns, top your regular patty with some lettuce and tomatoes or even bacon for added taste.

Paleo For Beginners: Suggest for alternatives. Replace food items on your ordered dish with paleo-friendly ones such as, substituting that side of cheese with some added meat or baked potatoes. There is no harm in asking for alternatives from the server. Restaurants will try their best in accommodating your requests and keeping every customer satisfied.

With these friendly tips, you’ll guarantee that eating out Paleo style isn’t that bad after all. Just relax and have a good time with the people you’re eating out with.


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