Starting on Paleo Diet!

What I sent to my Paleo Coach lol: 

So I decided to start on Paleo but I always cheat on every meal! Hahaha i failed to be completely paleo today >_<  i dont have enough food to go paleo completely as i always do my grcoeries on fridays or saturdays. But i did try to eat as close to paleo as possible but i realized i have restricted food in every meal lol

So for breakfast i had some toast which is a no no to paleo lol the egg i just poached it as i dont like oily sunny side up. and then for lunch i had rice in my cucumber sushi hahaha and tonight im going to have one taco and i used albacore tuna.. Snack is banana and mandarin orange and some oatmeal i was sooooo hungry after breakfast lol and thats my lemon water :)

I hope tomorrow will be better :)

What do you think? :)


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