Happy Sundae!

Hi guys!

My apologies for not posting soon! I'm stuck with flu and  I've been in bed resting and working. I'm in a massage parlor waiting for my turn in about half an hour and while waiting, I thought I could squeeze in a blog post :)

It's a bummer not to be able to workout because I may be even more sick if I do. I miss running, walking and lifting weights. I eat rice as well because I need more energy so I will recover faster. I felt very sick during my mom's birthday dinner that I have no trouble in saying no to the yummy birthday cake ^_^ if I wasn't sick, I would have struggled and would have a hard time resisting temptation :)

Fast forward, I skipped church and just rest in the house. Watched lots of movies and episodes of my favorite series :)

So for everyone who are sick today, let's fight to get our health back on track! Enjoy your time off like what I did, spent it to enjoy the things I love :) don't let sickness drag you down. And always thank God for healing! :)

Be positive! Happy Sundae guys! :)


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