Role Model Beauty: Cate Blanchett

Each of us has our own role model to look up to when it comes to looking good and feeling better. In terms of beauty and skin care, we’ve managed to make a list of women whom we think are the best role models for ladies in their respective age groups.

Let us start with the middle aged, forty-something and we couldn’t think of a more perfect beauty than the ethereal, elfish goddess herself, Cate Blanchett.

Looking at her luminescent skin and slim figure, you wouldn’t believe Cate is in her mid-40s. Here are her tips to looking stunning as taken from her different interviews.

1.     Cate being a mother of three young boys says that to have younger-looking skin, adequate sleep is very important.

In another interview, she says, “I try to get eight hours every night, but my sleeping habits are erratic at best. My husband and I seem to have developed a revolving-bed system at home. We’ve got three boys, and one will come into our bed at 11 o’clock, then the next at three and the other at about five. I’ve become used to sleeping in two-hour blocks.”

2.     On keeping her regal, flawless complexion...

She was told by her mother "to keep out of the sun... I was never going to be the bronzed beach bunny.”

3.     On her beauty routine:

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“I love products I can apply at night; any process that can happen while I’m sleeping always saves time. If I have to read something in bed, I’ll put a face mask on and put almond oil in my hair and wash it out in the morning.”

4.     She is known to use and is the global ambassador of Procter and Gamble’s high-end beauty line SKII. But, not everyone can afford a bottle of this very expensive anti-aging elixir so, for us average gals we’ll follow Cate’s other alternative: the essential oils, emu and argan.

"The only other thing I use would be essential oils — there’s an oil that I use called emu oil. In indigenous Australian culture, that’s the first oil they put on a baby because it’s so hydrating. If you’ve got sunburn or you’ve had a scar, or anything — it’s incredible. I’ll use that on the kids, and on the elbows. [I also use] papaw ointment. It’s all pretty basic."

“I wash [my face] every night and every morning. I also use—and I'll probably get some flak for this—emu oil. It's an Australian thing. The indigenous use it on their skin from the time they're babies. It works to protect the skin, help moisturize, and repair.”

5.     For her vaguely blonde hair:

6.     She drinks lemon juice and hot water in the morning

7.     And, last but not the least...

“I drink a lot of water. And, that really helps my skin.”

Other than her beauty and talent, we adore Cate for being one of those actors who isn't inclined to going under the knife and sticking needles into her face to be physically acceptable. 

In regards to botox, Cate told Fashionista, 

"I’d just be too frightened about what it means long term. You look at a man or a woman in their 50s and all I see when they've brushed it all away (with surgery) is self-obsession and fear – and that's not particularly attractive."

Very well said, Ms. Blanchett.


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