How I Met Your Mother: “The End of the Aisle” Episode Highlights (SPOILERS)

This 22nd episode of the 9th season starts the impending closure of this show as it ends this 31st of March. “The End of the Aisle” brought out a couple of pairs of cold feet. In the past episodes, we’ve seen Barney all fidgeting and trying to escape through the window to get his corn-flower blue tie at home. In another room, we see the bride tearing up due to having second thoughts of going through the marriage. (The two scenarios make me wonder if weddings are also like that in real life.)

The groom, after being consoled that the tie he’s wearing right now is perfect, calms down and tries to finish his 100-page wedding vows. Lily and Marshall remind him that he has nothing to worry about since, they are (in Lily Aldrin’s words) “two expert vow consultants” who are ready to be of service. Barney laughs at the gesture and yells “poppycock!” He then reminds them that since their marriage, they’ve broken each of their vows (insert flashbacks here). 

Realizing that Barney is right, Marshall brought Lily to the altar and took the opportunity to rekindle the promises that were once broken. Barney quietly looks on at the couple and thought of a better, shorter vow, which is so moving you’d want to hear him say it to Robin, which happens at the end of this episode.

At the bride’s room, Robin asks how Ted found her locket to which he unsuccessfully dodges from by conjuring a sweet story about Barney, a nest of pigeons and a cat.

Since Ted’s journey in search of the missing locket is completely crazy but heartfelt at the same time, you can read his actual narration here:


Upon hearing the story, Robin realizes how much trouble Ted went through to get the locket for her. She recalls the blue-horn-stealing incident and adds that to the acts that show how Ted always goes big for her. Ted redeems the Stinson name by bringing up Barney’s outrageous acts of love for Robin (i.e. the big Canadian wedding rehearsal on ice, “the Robin” proposal). Robin debunks those acts for having to be based on lies and trickery. For her, “lying is second nature to Barney” and that everything’s legendary to him, and legendary means “not real”.

“You’re the one who always comes through for me, Ted. The one who’s there for me. Maybe I’m making a mistake. Maybe I should be marrying you.”- Robin

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination or better yet, watch the episode. Another reason to watch this is that it’s Robin’s turn to meet The Mother who does gives the best advice.

So, will you be tuning in for the big finish next Monday night ‘coz I sure am. And, if I were you, I’d rather keep a box of tissues at arm’s length, just in case.


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