5 Beauty Secrets From The Stars

Have you ever wondered why celebrities look so good when hitting the red carpet, attending award shows or having their usual press junkets? If you have then, speculate no more because we have rounded up 5 beauty tricks that celebrities do to keep themselves camera ready throughout the day. 

1.     Cranberry for the redheads while coffee for the brunettes

When it comes to vamping up one’s tresses, it is always better to use the natural alternative. Instead of applying hair dye chemicals, opt to use cranberry juice or coffee instead. The cranberry juice will add extra shine and colour to red coloured hair. Coffee does the same with black haired beauties and brunettes.

2.     Silk pillows

Treat yourself at night by sleeping on silk pillows. This trick is cheaper than Botox because it does not dent your face and it is good for your hair.

3.     Peppermint extract

This alternative is very popular among singers who want their lips to have that seductive pout for all their fans to see. They pat on a few drops of the extract on their lips before their performance. Peppermint is known to be natural plumper because it dilates blood vessels. 

4.     Olive oil

Are you tired of looking tired? Dab some olive oil on your under eye circles at night and after a few days you’ll see yourself looking refreshed and younger than before. Dark eye circles are due to dry skin and the olive helps add some moisture to the tired area. Aside from being a good eye cream, it is also the best eye makeup remover because it glides so easily.

5.     Lemon juice

If you want to exfoliate your skin without the harsh chemicals found in commercial exfoliants, try lemon juice. It also serves as a toner and natural cleanser. Just apply it on a cotton ball whenever you're doing your daily facial cleansing routine.


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