7 Foods For Good-looking Skin

1.    Walnuts
Moisture is very important in keeping one’s skin youthful looking for a long time. Walnuts also contain beauty enhancing omega-3 fatty acids that adds moisture to skin. If you have eczema, add walnuts to your main dishes and salads and say goodbye to dry, scaly skin forever.

2.    Baked sweet potatoes
Remember, BAKED potatoes not fried or sugar coated. You can also roast them.
Sweet potatoes have beta-carotene in them, which is converted to vitamin A for softer, smoother skin.

3.    Carrots, spinach, tomatoes and other vegetables with carotenoids
These food products have carotenoids that protect the skin against sunburn but it doesn’t mean you’re alright to skip the SPF creams. Watermelon, cantaloupe and mangoes are some of the fruits that also contain carotenoids.

4.    Peppers
Peppers have vitamin C in them, which stimulates collagen synthesis and slows down the aging process. Researchers found out that eating peppers are better than taking up vitamin C supplements. They also say that a diet high in vitamin C-rich foods was associated with less noticeable wrinkles.

5.    Avocado
We’ve already talked about this and this fruit really does work wonders on our skin. Avocados are very rich sources of vitamins C, E and lutein, which have anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties. They taste good too.

6.    Salmon 
This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and taking sufficient amount of this prevents your skin from breaking out. Sardines and flax seeds are also good sources of omega-3. Including these food items in your diet will prevent blocked pores that cause overproduction of oil.  

7.    Water
If you’re not properly hydrated, dark circles under your eyes tend to obviously appear due to the dilation of the blood vessels underneath the eyes. So to keep those dark, under eye circles at bay, drink at least 6-8 glasses of purified water each day (hey, that rhymed).

            Now, with this knowledge at hand, go and be beautiful!


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