HIMYM's The Mother Speaks Out About "Morbid Finale Theory"

Good news! Cristin Milioti or most notably known as How I Met Your Mother’s “The Mother” has just spoken in an interview by The Hollywood Reporter that our "morbid theory" to the show’s nearing conclusion is quite impossible to happen. 

The Hollywood Reporter just released an interview with the beautiful Wolf of Wall Street star and asked about the “morbid finale theory” which has been spiralling for almost two years now.

The actress behind "the Mother" calls the suggestion that her character dies "insane" and tells THR about the series finale and her stealth appearance in "The Wolf of Wall Street." 

"That's insane," says Milioti. "There are some crazy conspiracy theories, which really makes me love the fans more... That is so crazy."
  –The Hollywood Reporter

Thank goodness! But, what’s with the sad, depressing Mosby moment in last week’s episode? So, our painstaking theorizing of Ted and Cristin’s character's touching dialogue was all for naught? But, don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining. We are more than happy that “The Mother” isn’t dying after all. Thanks for straightening that out, Ms. Milioti.

Watch the video of Cristin’s interview with THR here.


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