Weird Beauty Regimens from Around the World!

Our ancestors must have been pretty vain and self-conscious to do things we would normally think are weird and gross just to get the look they desire. 

Check out this list of beauty tips from the past and see if you’ve heard any of them from your great, great grandma.

1. Crocodile poo and mud spa

To have beautiful, younger looking skin, people from ancient Rome and Greece would dip in warm mud and crocodile excrement.

2. Anti-freckles solution

For me, freckles are beautiful but people living in the year 1891 think otherwise. To get a clear, freckle free complexion, they would create a solution by mixing lemon juice, sugar and a floor cleaner ingredient called Borax. That’s a little harsh on your skin, don’t you think?

3. The “pretty-large-forehead” look

In Medieval England, people would insist that their children’s hairline be plucked to get a wider forehead.  

4. Beautiful women, little feet

Chinese culture during the Tang Dynasty involved girls’ feet being bounded. This caused some broken toes and aching feet. And to think high heeled pumps are the worst.

5. Hair remover- pumice stone

Ancient Babylonians get rid of unwanted hair by rubbing a rough pumice stone on their skin. Which do you think would be more painful, this or waxing?

6. The tape-worm-in-your-intestines slimming regimen

Some people in the 1800s would opt to house a tapeworm in their intestinal tract instead of dieting and exercise.

7. Hair remover- sand paper

Ladies during the World War II would use sand paper to get unwanted hairs. Would you rather wax, use pumice stone (as mentioned a while ago) or do this?

8.Skin-eating fish

No, we’re not talking about piranhas but the friendly little fishes in Southern China. The fishes are called Garra Rufa and they eat the dead skin cells leaving the healthy skin unharmed.


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