The Art of Moving On: Tips on How to Move On From a Break-Up

In movies, we see the female protagonist drowning her sorrows and heartaches in a pint of her favourite chocolate ice cream while watching a romantic movie that is so far-fetched. Sounds familiar? Maybe you’ve seen the movie or maybe... YOU are that girl.

We’ve all been there – crying our hearts out and getting drunk to numb the pain. Us girls get overly dramatic when it comes to breaking-up. So whether you’re that girl in the bar who keeps ordering that shot of tequila or that one who breaks down mid-chorus of Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” amidst tears, here is a message for you: snap it up, girl!

You’re mature enough to stop sobbing like a little girl every time a relationship goes on the rocks. Sober up and straighten up because the following will help you get back on your feet and ready for a fresh start. Show that man you are better off without him.

Breakup Advice: First of all, ask the big question – “why did you break up?”
“The truth shall set you free” and indeed, it will... if you can handle it. Try going back into why it hasn’t worked out between the two of you. It may hurt but at least you’ll save yourself from a massive heartache of going into a crummy relationship all over again. Try to learn from your mistakes.

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Breakup Advice: Believe that you can
The U.S. President is with all the heart-broken girls on this when they’re saying, “Yes we can”. Yes, you can dust off the past from your shoulders and yes, you can move on. The only thing that’s stopping you is not your ex but you. “You’re your own problem but you are also your own solution” (credits to Melissa McCarthy’s character in the movie “Bridesmaids”). 
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Breakup Advice: Believe that you want to get over it
Having faith that you will get over the break-up will be useless if you don’t want to get over it in the first place. If you do step one right then, you might have a list by now about how he did you wrong but learn to forgive and forget. Do not hold a grudge. Get over the whole relationship and forget about the boy. Your thoughts are too precious to be wasting it on “you-know-who” (and I’m not talking about Lord Voldemort).
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With these tips and a great group of friends as your support system, you’ll be up on your feet and celebrating life in no time.


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