8 Fashion Must-Haves For The Cold Weather!

In the midst of this cold weather, a girl can still look good with these fashionable items. You can mix and match the items and remember to balance the looseness of your top with something form-fitting to avoid looking boxy.

1.      Poncho Sweater
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Style your poncho with a statement necklace like the image above. Wear it over a simple t-shirt and black leggings and you’re good to go.

2.     Tights
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Tights match perfectly with loose, over-sized tops. If you’re pairing it with a bright outfit, tone the color down. You can liven up your dull sweater over a cute pair of patterned tights.

3.     Over-sized Sweater
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Wear it over a thin, sleeveless top and a pair of good fitting jeans. Pair over-sized tops with skinny jeans or tights to avoid looking too frumpy. Accessorize with bangles and adorable lockets to get that preppy look.

4.     Plaid Boyfriend Shirt
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You can wear it as it is shown above- comfortable, no-frills look. Or, tuck it in and match it with a cute pair of worn out shorts.

5.     Long Cardigan
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The long cardigan, especially if it’s in pastel colors, gives a warm, soft vibe to your cold weather outfit. Ideal for semi-formal events when paired with perfectly tailored, straight-leg, dress pants.

6.     Suede Flats
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We choose suede because it gives that autumnal look to the outfit. You have to be careful not to step on puddles because cleaning suede needs a little bit of an effort.

7.     Infinity Scarf
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The infinity scarf is a thick, closed loop of fabric and can be worn in many different ways. You can wear it as a hoodie, capelet, shawl, vest or as your basic scarf like the one above.

8.     Neutral Beanie
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Aside from keeping your head warm and cozy, it also saves you from a bad hair day. Plus, it kind of adds a low-key, boho vibe to your cold weather wardrobe.


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