Which Celeb Could Be Your Best Friend?

You’ve watched their movies and giggled with them in their interviews. You may even have fantasized about spending time with them and being the best of friends. Here is a list of celebrities that we think could be our potential best friends. We’ve listed them according to their personalities ranging from the sensitive, silent introvert to the fun, loud extrovert.  Which celebrity would you want to be best friends with? 

1.       Kristen Wiig

 To those who do not know Kristen Wiig, she is an SNL (Saturday Night Live) alumna, and co-created and co-starred in the movie “Bridesmaids (2011)”.

 She is extremely funny as she is beautiful. She dropped out of college and went straight to L.A. (without her parents knowing) to get a career in the entertainment industry. 

 A self-proclaimed introvert, Kristen is not into social media. If you’d take a picture with her, she’d politely ask you not to post it in facebook, twitter, instagram or the like. 
 Kristen Wiig is the perfect buddy whom you want to be completely silly with. Hangouts with her would probably be in improv classes, watching the NY Knicks, and afternoons of fun and tons of laughter.

2.       Zooey Deschanel 

 The star of the hit series “New Girl” is like your modern-day Judy Garland. She loves sundresses and has an old soul. She is the total good girl that even your mother would want to be best friends with her.
 Weekends with Zooey would be filled with strolling in the park, watching classic movies, listening to records on a turntable and making indie music. You might even form a band and play contemporary music together.

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3.       Dianna Agron

 She is famous for her role as the mean cheerleader Quinn Fabray in Glee. A total opposite of her Glee character, Dianna is best friends with Lea Michele and Taylor Swift. 

 She loves to blog and is into social media because she believes that through her blogs, she can make the world a more creative place to live in. Hangouts with her might involve karaoke bars, acoustic clubs and charity drives.

4.       Lena Dunham

    Creator and writer of the critically acclaimed “Girls”, Lena Dunham has won awards for the HBO series. She’s smart and is the least self-conscious of the group. 
      When you’re with her, expect your Saturday afternoons to be filled with marathons of comedy-dramas on TV paired with lots of pleasure food.

5.       Jennifer Lawrence

      In every interview of hers that we’ve watched, this Oscar winner does not fail to impress us with her big attitude and spunky personality. You might see her in the red carpet looking all dolled-up but deep inside, she’s a total guys’ gal.
      Weekends with her involve gags and laugh trips with her brothers. You might even get lucky if she invites Bradley Cooper, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson over.

6.       Emma Stone
    She is the girl-next-door type. Boys like her and girls want to be like her. Emma Stone is a ball of fun but serious when it comes to developing her craft.
     When hanging out with Emma, expect taking a Pilates class, early jogs in the park and watching classic SNL re-runs.

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  1. I think I would want to be friends with Natalie Portman so I could spend all day looking at her. We could gossip about other celebs while I brushed her hair... okay nevermind, it just got weird.

  2. Hahaha totally not weird.. Maybe the brushing her hair is. But who could resist her beauty? :) i think I could be bestfriends with JLaw :) she's so cool :)


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