Our "Best Face" Nominees in the 20th SAG Awards

We did our own “Best Dressed” nominees list for the 71st Golden Globe Awards. Now, as a tribute to the recent SAG Awards, we have decided to judge the nominees of the said awards ceremony. This time it will not be based on their acting nor their garb but on what they put on their faces. So without further a due, we call this list our (drum roll please)... 

“Best Face” nominees of the 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards.Noses are powdered, cheeks are blushed, and lips are glossed with the most lustrous of colors as our chosen nominees show-up with their dazzling smiles in this year’s SAG Awards. Who do you think wins the award?

1.     Lupita Nyong’o
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She wears her eyes with a shimmer of sparkling blue and purple to match her flower bedazzled turquoise dress by Gucci. She goes passion pink for her lips summing up a youthful glow with these three bright palettes. The pops of color are perfect for dark skinned beauties like her.

2.     Sandra Bullock
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Sandra goes natural with a light peach lip color and some brown sparkle on her eyelids making her caramel colored eyes pop. She amps it up on the blush giving her a more delicate look.

3.     Michelle Dockery
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Michelle looks enchanting as always with her Snow White-esque makeup. She dons the red, matte lips, which stands out from her pale, clean canvas of a face. She opts for a simple eye makeup with gold eye shadow and extended lashes.

4.     Abigail Breslin
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The little girl from “Little Miss Sunshine” is all grown up. Her blue eyes are highlighted with a bit of a smokey makeup. When donning a smokey, choose a lighter shade of lip tint like what Abigail has done here. Her skin looks amazing even under all the red carpet lights- smooth and dewy without being too shiny. 


  1. I LOVE Lupita Nyong’o. She is like my new fashion icon. She is just so flawless.


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