Legaspi Sunday Market

Good morning! Breakfast at Legaspi Sunday Market today and yes, I love every stall!!! What I love about big cities like Manila (it’s a metro), especially Makati, is the wide variety of things you can buy and almost everything you could think of has already being thought of and well, you can buy it in stores. In the province where I live, everything is so limited, even zucchini is hard to find, there may be just two stores selling it. Here, you can actually buy things that you can just see on TV or magazines, only for a higher price.

I’m not really a big fan of metro’s but I wouldn’t mind going for a vacation. I am so opposite to my brother who loves the light and the hustling city! I couldn’t even ride a train by myself, well I can but I’m pretty sure I’ll be lost hahaha I always wait for my brother to drive me around or my sister-in-law to ride the taxi with me. I’d rather walk around than ride jeepneys or other PUV’s! On the 6th, I think I don’t have a choice but to ride a taxi to the Embassy of Norway as it is working time for both of them! *scurrrrred* Well, it’s now or never and I really want the Schengen Visa that bad as I’ve done everything I never thought I would do. Haha I hate processing papers and I surely hope in the near future, Filipinos would be allowed to travel to Europe and US without the scary visa process!

Still waiting for my brother to pick me up here in his place and we’re off to Tagaytay with my sister’s family! :) My 13 days stay in Manila will never have a dull moment! Parents will be arriving tomorrow for the New Years and yep, it’s a one big happy family! :)  In the mean time, here are snaps of our morning and foodahs at Legaspi Sunday Market! I swear, the baked vegetarian empanada is the bomb! Plus got our bottles of pinoy orduvz! Totally worth your money! :)  I hope we can visit again next Sunday before I fly to Butuan! :) 


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