Zombie Tsunami

This game is one of my very first downloaded games in my iPad :) My cousin played this one and she bought her iPad the next day ^_^

This is how Zombie Tsunami home page looks like :) yes, my best score are 47 brains!!! I feel like I need to eat more brains!

I don't have any trophies yet :(

These are the missions I still need to finish. These are just three missions. I think I still have a LOT of missions to finish!

You can buy some objects from the store. I sometimes buy the pack of civilians and double zombies.

Yes, I love that you can buy accessories for your zombies :) I didn't buy the Jack o' lantern though :p

Upgrades will make the boosts stay longer :) I love the simple zombie boost :) 

And ofcourse, like other games, these are the in app purchases :) I have never spent a dime on any games ^_^ i'm such a promo girl :)

So here's how a game looks like :) i smashed into a bomb!

I have 7 zombies and when you see cars, jump over them. Except for cars with humans inside of it :) you gotta eat that shit! Lol

And another bomb!! Be careful of the bombs! They are great zombie killers!

Hello flying bomb! There are flying bombs so be sure to stay down when you see these!

The Tsunami boost! A big wave that keeps your zombies up.. Down side of this boost is you can easily smash into the flying bombs!

And this is the flying bomb I was talkinng about! Lol

Eeeek! Caught in the act! A human cut in half! Hahahaha I love this!

TheSuper Ninja Boost! I don't know about the extended lol

And the flat ninjas! Hahaha I took a snapshot while the ninjas were jumping and voila! They are flat lol

Ate a total of 21 brains for this game! :) 

I would definitely encourage everybody to download this game! :)


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