Sprinkle: Save the Sprinklies'!

Here's a cute game from Mediocre :) tadaaaaa! Introducing Sprinkle!

This is Sprinkle, I call the little guys Sprinklies, and yes, they're very cute :)

Basically, its just the same as other games with levels. You can pass each level when you stop the fire from burning the Sprinklies' houses. The drop of water shown in the level boxes are the level of water left after you save the houses.

You can move the hose up and down and aim at where the fire is. The hand button in the red dot will release the water. The blue bar is the water level.

Here's how it will look after you save them :) fire rocks will be thrown while the game is going.

So I need to play all the levels in the first world so I can unlock the other one. So adorable Sprinklies! :)

Here's the snippet of the other world :)


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