Cover Orange: The Secretly Addictive Game

Say hello to cover orange, i say secretly addictive because when I tell someone about it, they'd be like, why will you protect an orange? Damn guys, it's a game, chill! Hahaha :) my sister is addicted to this too, she just won't admit it. Hahaha

These are not worlds but its like different orange environments that has levels on it. 

Yes, I'm now on level 67 and there are 71 levels in this environment :) the highger the level, the harder it is to protect the orange. I must say i've played this for more than a week. I don't want to watch a cheat or how to solve this because I always want to finish my games on my own :)

Here's a picture of how one level looks like. This is level 62 ya'll. All you have to do is cover the orange so the dark clouds that pours spikey rain won't hurt the orange :)


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