Can You Escape?

Say hello to the Can You Escape welcome page! :)

This is the startup page wherein you can change the settings and select levels.

I have finished all three levels and the other levels are still coming soon. Honestly,it sucks how few the levels are. Well, it's free so I can't complain about it. Duh.

This is level 1 :) this is how it looks like from afar. You can click the things and they will zoom in, and it means one thing, they are part of the solution to get that door opened :)

When i clicked the chest, it zoomed in and then I clicked the puzzle and moving on to the next picture.....

You need to solve this. Just tap the pictures and it will rotate :) there are ads below btw :)

And here's the missing handle from the drawer!

And here's the drawer with the missing handle. Lol so when you get something, it will show on the blue boxes on the right.

This is a safe where I supposed they kept the key. ^_^

Because I can click this but I can't pick up anything, we study the picture and see if there are hints. So for this one, it's the date, the year, 1915 :)

After I got the screwdriver from the drawer, I can open the safe and type in the number found in the painting :)

Here's a far view of the safe :)

Voila! Here's the key to opening door 1 :)

First its red and then it will turn green once you insert the key. Nothing special really.

The end. The door is opened and you can now proceed to level 2 :)


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